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installer pay

I am looking to hire an installer. just wondering what the going rate is these days. been on my own for so long I thought it would be nice to get some help. do you pay flat salary? or by the job? if by the job what is a going rate. some of these jobs I get for door glass net works pay less then 1 hr. about $32. for labor. How nuts is that when you have to vaccum.

Re: installer pay

Installer pay totally depends on the market you are and and the experience the tech has of course. We pay hourly.

Re: installer pay

i have seen people pay per windshield, but it was a cut throat operation doing that. it seems like they were paying 25.00 per windshield, but if there was a leak, the installer had to pay for that one himself, and if he reset the w/s and broke it, he had to pay for that too.

that was eye opening for me, i haven't been around much, but it was a big market, and with the cheap pricing model they used, i guess the installers were happy.

here we pay by the hour, we don't have enough work to pay per job.

Re: installer pay

In our area the only people who pay by the job are Safelite. Everyone else either pays straight salary or by the hour...most by the hour. Managers are usually salary. The actual dollar amount depends on experience. In our area the pay ranges from about $12 - $20 an hour with $15 - $16 being the norm for an installer with at least one year experience. Just my observations.

Re: installer pay

North TX is about 18-25 per hour for 3 or more yrs experience and 8-16 for less than 3 yrs. Some companies pay a salary of 1400.00 - 2000.00 plus a company truck and gas card. One company lets its tech drive the trucks for personal use(Free advertisment) but they have to keep track of mileage and pay for the gas out of their own pockets.I also heard of one company paying per piece plus profit sharing for the senior techs that have been with the company 5 or more yrs.

Re: installer pay

Just opened the Sep/Oct issue of AutoGlass mag and there is an spot on that very thing in the NEWSTRACK section at front of mag (page 6) bear in mind these are mean averages 2003 $13.59, 2004 $13.98, 2005 $14.67. Heck we are in a rural area where wages are typically low, but good techs are non existant so the ones we have range $15.50 - $15.75, and are due for their yearly raise, usually .75 an hour. They are worth every penny, and that doesn't include company portion of their health plan, another $150 per tech, per month.

Re: installer pay

When I started it was $1.00 per hour and all the glass you could eat.

Re: installer pay

would you like with that glass

Re: installer pay

when i started it was 2.25 /hr now they pay pice work up to 50 60 per job to subs? what ever happened to quality at a fair price? young greedy guns ?

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