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National Auto Glass Conference & EXPO

Do any of you plan on attending the National Auto Glass Conference & EXPO in February? I was thinking about going because April '07 is my target date for going solo. I was just wondering if it is a waste of time or not.

Re: National Auto Glass Conference & EXPO

It's never a waste of time if you get the opportunity to meet and talk to others in the business.

You always come away with some new ideas.

Re: National Auto Glass Conference & EXPO

Most of the shows I have been to recently have had pretty low attendances. Plus, who's bright idea was it to make this Valentine's Day? Almost as smart as sending us to Florida during hurricane season...oh wait...they did that two years ago.

Re: National Auto Glass Conference & EXPO

How about Minneapolis in early spring/late winter two years ago (they get a pass for starting it on 9/11/01 and I'm sure there is no shortage of long journey home stories from those who got there early).

Not to sound calloused but the show has not changed in the last 5 years; same presenters, same issues, same attendees. The market has changed so much and the average shop can't afford to stay at the high dollar venues much less the time involved in going.

I heard that they had the golf tourney in the exhibit hall because they knew no one would be hit. Well, except the vendors but they don't count.

Re: National Auto Glass Conference & EXPO

Hey Glassgirl,

What could be better than taking your sweetie to Fla for Valentines Day?

Actually, I agree about the high cost venues of earlier trips, but Orlando has good air fares and plenty of choices for reasonable hotel rooms.

Feb. is a good time to get away from the winter blahs. Some people actually use this for a mini-vacation with the government paying a share of it.

What could be better?

Re: National Auto Glass Conference & EXPO

Which is exactly why the shows are so poorly attended. Why spend the day at a boring old convention when I could have fun at Disney World or the Vegas Casinos? Most people only show up on the showroom floor for about an hour tops.

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