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hot shots

What do you guys do when you have been doing work for an ind ins agency for a # of years and you start loosing work to find out they have some new hotshot that is telling customers to pay out of pocket and not run them through ins.Even repairs.He actually came into my shop today and told me that most of the cutomers that call for glass replacement if under 250.deductilble,he shops around for them to get the cheapest price.He also said that safelite usually gets the job.He says he has a close friend there that is the best tech in the world{3 years exp)Yea,right.The owner of this ins branch is always gone.I have some ideas what I would like to do,but probably would not be the smartest,(choke,slap.punch ect)Thanks!!

Re: hot shots

Trust me whatever you do think 10 times act once :)

Get cheaper or get out.. best advice run while your still young, move to a no deductable state lik FL or AZ

Re: hot shots

You are a real dandy!

Re: hot shots

If you come up with a remedy to this situation please share it. We are all subject to the same problem.

Re: hot shots


Re: hot shots

Just keep in contact with that agency. Their customers WILL start complaining about the crappy work done on their vehicles to the agency. Once the complaints start coming in, the agency will then begin referring work your way again. Bite your tongue!! Be patient and professionals. Maybe the agency needs to go to one of those classes on proper auto glass installations (I forgot what it's called but it's for agents).

Re: hot shots

I agree with Glass Woman-stay professional-stay in touch-try and get them to sign up for a Continueing Education class on glass installation. Do not "get cheap or get out" thats not the answer.Be there to pick up the pieces when the complaints make them look bad to the consumer. Maybe the tech is very good at safelite, but the good ones usually end up moving on and working for the good independents eventually. You could sponsor or even sponsor a C.E. class that would give you your five minutes to let them know what you do and how you do it.

Re: hot shots

i bet on average i redo 2 or 3 safelit/eveready/autoglass solutions/any other car wash glass co. per month i dig it i almost always save the glass and impress some one that matters my shop services 8 body shop / dealer accounts all by word of mouth i do not pay for addvertising yet 3 months ago i told 4 shops i couldn,t continue the level of service we provide and still include them until i could find another qualified tech they all got it and said ok when your ready let us know the short of it is quality does still matter to some people and they will pay and wait for it keep in touch with your agents smile at them and above all ya gotta brown nose

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