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Restriction of Trade?

How is it not restriction of trade when you call a windshield into LYNX and they ask if the insured would like to use an AGR shop closer to their zip code.
You have the insured on the line, you are mediating the claim process and they ask insured if they would like a shop closer to their zip code.
Some trade law has to be broken with this tactic.
Yes or No?

Re: Restriction of Trade?

Did you lose the job?

Re: Restriction of Trade?

No held onto job.
Repeat loyal customer this time.
But what about next time if customer calls in and knows of my shop but has no real loyalty?

Re: Restriction of Trade?

It is actually not LYNX that came up with that wording its the insurance company. If the told them to put into the script the sky is puprle they would have to do whatcha gonna do P Off your client? I assure you there not just making this stuff up,,,

Re: Restriction of Trade?

That is just wrong. Did you say anything to the Lynx rep at that point? Did you record the conversation?

Re: Restriction of Trade?

I WISH I was makin this stuff up. I would be a happier AGR shop. No I didn't record conversation and LYNX csr was very aware I was unhappy with what she was doing. She didn't care, kinda like giving a blind person the finger....means nothing

Re: Restriction of Trade?

Many shops are recording calls and documenting what is going on.

It does not matter who told whom to do's what the customer hears that matters.

I have a recording with an insurance representative during a conversation about the "MAY have to pay a difference" script being read even when we are within the insurers approved rates. His statement, a true "mastercard moment" is that if consumers aren't smart enough to listen to the script and figure out that that they didn't say HAVE to pay a difference, that's not his fault, he doesn't have the time to educate the public past third grade comprehensive grammar skills.

I love to play that one back to consumers, edited with the names bleeped out 'to protect the innocent' of course. lol

The funny part is, people keep asking me why I record calls.

Footnote: check your state laws surrounding recording of calls to see if you are in a one party, two party, or all party state. EX: One party means only one party to the call need know it's being recorded.

Re: Restriction of Trade?

I feel that just about everything lynx,sgc,harmon,alliance and all tpa's in general and the ins co's they represent are commiting restriction of trade, every hour, every day, every week, and month of the year. How is it from the first notice of loss, the scripts used, the price setting, and choosing where the work goes , please tell me how it is NOT restriction of trade??? then to boot the csr's are basically being the adjusters and are not licensed to do so,,,,,.If there is no restriction of trade going on then we should be able to do repair work for ANYONE, and bill THEIR ins co. AND GET PAID from the INS CO. not a TPA. If we are not being forced to use tpa's, then who and why would any shops want to use them. It's about time someone starts talking about RESTRICTION OF TRADE.

Re: Restriction of Trade?

I know have 3way calling so I need a recording system. Any reomendadions?

Re: Restriction of Trade?

regarding restriction of trade, i think we just haven't raised enough heck to get the consent decree enforced. There is no doubt the insurers have ignored the legal system and pushed their advantage to the limits, now we have to wait for the pendulum to swing back to our side.

all the things the signatories agreed to on that piece of paper have been ignored. We just need a more small business friendly attorney general. I would sure like to see a guy like Spitzer, who isn't in the pockets of the insurers going after those who are currently pulling the strings. I guess we need somebody rich enough they can't be bought.

Re: Restriction of Trade?

Here's a prime example of "Unfair Trade Practices", just had a USAA insured walk in to see if her 04 Trailbalzer w/s could be repaired. Well it has a crack begginnig lower left corner in frit band continuing in 2 cracks up into the drivers line of vision, so I tell her no can't repair that, it'll require replacement (this entire time she's on he cell with her insurance co unbeknownst to me), has she called her ins co regarding her comp deductible I asked, she say's she's on the phone with them now and her deductible is $500 but her ins co (who we know is not her ins co at all, its S@$) and they are telling her they have a deal with Safelite and can replace it for $2??.?? she can't remember exactly. I begin to get . I tell her who she'a talking with and who will be doing the job, suggest she do some research and alllow me to quote her on the job and proceed to give my usual sales pitch regarding product quality and safety. So I'm about to look it up DW1447 I believe and give her my best price (considering lowballing on this one even if we break even, just for the satisfaction, lol) wish me luck. Let's get one for the good guys!!!

Re: Restriction of Trade?

You go girl!!!!

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