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BEWARE OF 2007 VW RABBIT... Details inside

Ok get this, so i go to all this trouble to find an OEM windshield for a new rabbit i go to all the trouble of ordering it ETC.. and what do i get 1 ******* hour labor for the windshield! what in the hell is this! I will never EVER work on one of these again how the **** can parts research say this is a 1 hour job!!!!??! I am so mad right now!!!!

Re: BEWARE OF 2007 VW RABBIT... Details inside

Absurdity to the Max

Re: BEWARE OF 2007 VW RABBIT... Details inside

EEEGGAADD! solar coated. paas, third frit, rain sensor. what a mess. And glorious nags has no labor hours listed. WHAT'S UP WITH THAT? So now bach, you are saying the tpa or ins co will only give you 1 hour labor???? I don't think they would win if you took them to arbitration, or small claims. I'd have to say fight them,, it's when we let them get away with it they will do all the more to screw us in the ground!!!

Re: BEWARE OF 2007 VW RABBIT... Details inside

What'd cha get....35 per Hour!!
I just looked it up...yep 1 hour. In shop authorization took 10 minutes alone.

Re: BEWARE OF 2007 VW RABBIT... Details inside

DUDE,!!!!!!!! DO YA'LL realize that's about the cost of...........AN OIL CHANGE!?!?!
new nags ways to stick it to us!
This just flames me!!! Hey Research......Research THIS!
ok, i'm clam now webmaster.
NGA certified.
Sika certified.
A+ certified.
Network+ certified.
....and i once slept at a Holiday Inn Express!

Re: BEWARE OF 2007 VW RABBIT... Details inside

oops, my POS says 0 hours, i was looking at 'quantity' =1
I'M still flamming mad though

Re: BEWARE OF 2007 VW RABBIT... Details inside

I just called Glas Pac on this to see if I could find out what's up with this. According to them, These prices are all done by Mitchell and Mitchell sends them a disk which they download. It goes downhill from there. I have them doing support research for me and someone is supposed to get back to me re: gettting this fixed. Hope it helps a little bit.

Re: BEWARE OF 2007 VW RABBIT... Details inside

Okay, just got a call back from my GTS tech support guy. We went over what is there and he said that this is a Mitchell/Nags issue. The software companies can not correct this from their end. However, he gave me phone #'s for some contacts.

International # 800-551-4012
Cust. Service 800-551-4012 X/ 8304
Technical Support X/ 8315
Editorial X/ 8314

Or: (E-mail)

I could have called them myself, but thought that since you have that work order pending, it might be better if you make the contact yourself.

Hope this helps!!!

Re: BEWARE OF 2007 VW RABBIT... Details inside

Labor times used by all estimating providers are under extreme scrutiny by several people in the collision industry. Documentation has been gathered showing shrinking times over several updates, among other issues.

Database providers have been somewhat unwilling to produce how these time studies are done, or at least provide verification how and when they were done, with silly little things like verification by disinterested but knowledgable third parties to justify that they were done accurately.

I have noted several changes in labor times over the last few years, and always insist on a paper copy of NAGS updates so I have the ability to go back and compare times on parts that do not change.

One other note: consider that we now have 'Technician Olympics' taking place, and from what I gather, it's quite interesting to note some of the times that are taken to replace a glass.

Now, if it takes the best of the best a certain amount of time to change a glass, then I would think that us normal everyday folks should be allowed at least the same amount of time, yes?

Also, I would question who it was that allowed you one hour of time, and what they based it on? Ask for documentation, in most states an insurer can violate bad faith claims laws if they do not produce how a settlement is calculated.

Push it.

Re: BEWARE OF 2007 VW RABBIT... Details inside

Mark, you are an excellent resource to the AGR industry. You have my thanks and appreciation.

Re: BEWARE OF 2007 VW RABBIT... Details inside

I wrote bud oliver a nice litte note about it, for christ sakes 1 friggin hour, that right $35 then i got to have ALL that exposure of course god forbid i be able to mark the windshield up, i woulda been better off doing a chip repair :) jesus even that is $50 bones

So frustrating.. MOST VW's are 3.5 hours... I personally think TPA's should have a weighed average for nags time if no time is set..

0 = charge whatever i want :) OH not to mention genius nags did not even have the OEM part # correct for this windshield.. Why in the hell does a rabit have all these windshields, what next yugo's with heads up displayy and heaT?!??!!??!?!

Re: BEWARE OF 2007 VW RABBIT... Details inside

I tell ya I thought it was VW answer to the econobox they used to have in the 70's-and 80's why fru fru it up w 50 different options and complicate it?

VW cars are almost as strange as theyre owners. I owned one once and the check engine light was like a pinball machine High Score ! Ill never own another one theyre beyond euro trash .

Re: BEWARE OF 2007 VW RABBIT... Details inside

I remember reading a artice when i lived in North Carolina on the VW Rabbit and the police department in NC (i think it was highway patrol) during the gas crunch was using them as partol vehicles.. go figure.. good luck catching me in that pile... Its just stupid of how they took it from trashy to flashy.. and your right VW owners, are a little different sort of folks.. VERY DIFFERENT.. them & volvo owners always want logo'ed glass and to stand on top of me while i do the job and tell me how great there car is.....

Re: BEWARE OF 2007 VW RABBIT... Details inside

I bet factory waranty time is much higher, even an old bug pays better.

Re: BEWARE OF 2007 VW RABBIT... Details inside

Who knows, silly for such a pos car to have this many windshields...

Re: BEWARE OF 2007 VW RABBIT... Details inside

Thank you, Owner.

Re: BEWARE OF 2007 VW RABBIT... Details inside

problem is not that you only get an hour for the job. It's that they don't pay enough for that hour.

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