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Webmaster, Pop Ups????????

Hey Webmaster. Why all of a sudden pop ups???????????

Re: Webmaster, Pop Ups????????

My bad. I'm taking care of it right now. Bravenet updated the links to all of their services. They sent out a newsletter about it but I thought it was for a new service they were offering so I ignored it. If you have the forum bookmarked you'll want to update it or delete the old bookmark and create a new one. Give me about 20 minutes and I should have all the links from all of our sites updated. In the meantime - here is the new link -

Thanks for your patience with me.

Re: Webmaster, Pop Ups????????

Also - I'm noticing that you still get a pop up or two with the new link but they do eventually stop.

Re: Webmaster, Pop Ups????????

Well - I don't think that was the problem after all so I've started a support ticket with Bravenet. I apologize for this. We pay them for the premium service so we don't have to have the pop-ups and ads so this is angering me a bit.

Re: Webmaster, Pop Ups????????

at least i know now its just not me! I've been seeing them today and thinking i must of gotten some spyware or something. The firefox browser stops most of them for me, but some get through.

Re: Re: Webmaster, Pop Ups????????

i can't hardly use this forum because of the pop ups!!!!!!

Re: Webmaster, Pop Ups????????

Please bear with me. I'm still waiting to hear back from Bravenet.

Re: Webmaster, Pop Ups????????

Bravenet responded that they were aware of the problem and working on it and expected to have it resolved within minutes. I believe it has been fixed as I did not see any when I popped in to post this follow up.

Re: Webmaster, Pop Ups????????

Good yourself a beer!

Re: Webmaster, Pop Ups????????

Pop ups, what are pop ups? Wait, I have a Mac, I gon't get pop ups. LOL

Re: Webmaster, Pop Ups????????

I mean I don't get pop ups. Just have to work on that typing thing though.

Re: Webmaster, Pop Ups????????

Thanks Brian for taking care of that.

Those popups were really annoying, even for the short time they lasted.

On the other hand, it was a quick and candid reminder of how much one appreciates the forum as it is.

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