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GTS Users

I realize there is a User's meeting coming up in October, but I wanted to solicit other shops who use GTS for their mainstream software.
We are trying to find a way of tracking productivity of installers using GTS. The issue we trying to address is our other technicians that do glass jobs other than auto. I realize that we can download the scheduled jobs to a spread sheet and theoretically input actual labor costs, but I was wondering if anyone is addressing this business need.

Re: GTS Users

I use ibs its awsome used gts for 6 hours thru the cd in the shredder worthless.

Re: GTS Users

Ask GTS about the job costing module. I think it might be what your are looking for.

Re: GTS Users

Hrmm i bet they charge thousands for it.. reminds me what does a monkey with a foot ball and gts have in common there both useless :)

Re: GTS Users

anyone using edirect? I was looking at GTS, sounds like they can do just about anything. Quest is a challenge

Re: GTS Users

Plenty of us are using edirect. Call their references!

Re: GTS Users

hey small shop hit me on the email i will get you a demo, if you thing quest is difficult you will HATE GTS.. I have used everything over the years and by far gts is overpriced and just not user friendly. You should not need a college education to answer the phones and use the software..

Re: GTS Users

We are using GTS for all of our flat glass pricing and scheduling besides auto. It sounds like many of you are using GTS strictly for auto. From that stand point I would agree with most of you that is is overpriced and more feature ridden than needed. For our use, it has everything. It is a very complex system and the issue is how others are using it, not if they like it. As with all large software products, there are ussually features that can be used in different ways and that is what I am after. We are trying to get a handle on our in-shop productivity and if we are charging enough for shop work.

Re: GTS Users

I have heard alot about ELMO ,I know it is owned by KRYGER Glass but is the program any good and how much does it cost? do they offer a fully useable 30 day demo like glass mate or is it one of those that you can only look up one make and model?

Re: GTS Users

Good morning to all!

First of all, you are in a fortunate position in that there are 6 POS packages available for you to evaluate and eventually use one. Some industries barely have one or two

We always recommend that you contact each POS provider and inquiry about a 30 day evaluation. While you are waiting on your 30 day kit, take some time to call on references, review competitive matrix's, check industry activity and do some math as to what you actual monthly and yearly costs will be.

Once you receive your demos and you poke around, you'll already have the math and references in the back of you mind helping you to making your decision so you can concentrate on making money.

Happy technology hunting!

Gary Hart
CEO & President

Re: GTS Users

Very nice of Gary to respond. Further proof that many entities monitor this forum, i.e., PPG, LYNX, St. Farm, Pilk, Hal, and many others. That's a good thing I guess...

Re: GTS Users

...I normally would not hijack a post with my competitors title up front...but Gary is right.

There are plenty of POS packages available. Look at the demos. Weigh the features and benefits and try them for the differences in work flow (creating quotes/work orders/invoices) and any back office functions like reports /accounting / scheduling/ inventory etc…we all offer free demos.

And believe it or not folks...many more people lurk on this board than actually post.

Rob Rust
Sales Manager
Quest Software Inc.

Re: GTS Users

Don't worry. Your posts are within acceptable limits (in my humble opinion [IMHO]) of the forum rules but - imagine the benefit of having banner advertisements in this forum! (Not pop-ups.) Think of how many industry members you could reach because you are absolutely correct - many, many folks just read and never post - from CEO's of companies all the way down to tech's who are just getting started. Click on the "Contact Us" button on the top right hand side for more information.

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