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Just trying to get paid

Does anyone have current phone numbers for Stinklite for problems? All of the phone numbers I have have been disconnected recently. I am having an issue over a repair that has not been paid in 4 months, have spent my dime on countless phone calls to no avail. Then yesterday they told me that due to the fact that our repair was "unsucessful" (funny, looked quite good to me) the customer had the w/s replaced at another shop a month later and they will not pay me for my repair. I have been hung up on twice by a Cliff at (get this) customer service. I have taken it to Liberty Mutual who told me that maybe to end the headache I should just bill the customer. This is a matter of contention now and I will not rest until I get my $65. I have a safelite referral, a faxed copy of said referral etc. Any ideas. I am sooooo tired of beating my head on this brick wall!

Re: Just trying to get paid

Pat Boyle 614-210-9797 OR

Re: Re: Just trying to get paid

Dan Wilson's (CEO) direct number is 614-210-9389, he will answer the phone. All complaints I have get forwarded to him. He is very tired of hearing from me, I love it.

Re: Just trying to get paid

Liberty Mutual should be ashamed of themselves! Bill the customer,, RIGHT! They, either sgc or lib mut, should be able to present you with an invoice showing who where what and why, proving that in fact the w/s was replaced. or pay the bill! Make them put up or shut up! Dale ann o. has been very helpful to us in the past. Also we don't call anymore, it's a waste of too much time. We e-mail to or good luck, and kick booty!

Re: Thank You

Just want to say thank you for the feedback. It is much appreciated. I love this forum. Thanks again!!!

Re: Just trying to get paid

Just out of curiosity, were you given any opportunity to 'warranty' your work with this customer?

If not, and you did not sign any contract that you would allow your warranty work to be performed by others in the network, I would say you have an issue.

Our warranty clearly states that warranty on repairs is enforced only by us, and specifically states that refunds on failed repairs are applied to the cost of a new windshield replaced by us only. Our pre-repair customer information disclosure sheet clearly states that optical clarity is not guaranteed, and that the warranty only surrounds the failure of repair defined as the damage spreading. We inform/disclose to the customer in writing before repairs that optical clarity is typically 70-90%, but that many uncontrollable factors may effect optical clarity. This statement also justifies why we will not perform repairs directly in the drivers field of vision.

If a network is enforcing a warranty issue with you with no contract in place with you, then it may be violating several laws surrounding unfair trade practices, in that they have no authority to do so.

In fact, this surrounds that "contract of repair" topic I keep bringing up. If the insurer didn't contract the repair with you in the first place, (which they don't) then one must wonder how they are in any position to deny payments to shops in any circumstance, in that they are hired to process claims for indemnification to the policyholder by the insurer, not disberse payments to shops under repair contracts.

The only loophole in this that I can think of is if they have a signed network contract by you stating that you will allow them to do such things.

Just my non-legal-advice opinion, but based on what I read that lawyers have written.

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