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Comp INS

Cust calls needs back glass Lexus RX400. She gets prices $771.00 to $900.00. Tells INS CO prices. INS CO tells cust any claim over $750.00 is considered the same as an accident and that her INS will go up. Ant one else had this happen??

Re: Comp INS

No. Not to me.

Re: Comp INS

An agent once told me (like 1o years ago) that it's the dollar amount per year that will affect the insureds premium. I have always remember that but I don't know if that holds true in todays world.
Each insurance company varies so much. If you just call in for information on a possible claim they will mark you for it.

Re: Comp INS

We are hearing this more all the time. Customers are becoming afraid to use the ins they pay for. We had a customer come in this week with a small star break in the w/s, called the agent, agent says they have to fill out an accident claim form,,,, WHAT THE HECK!!!Auto owners ins,, you people should be ashamed of yourselves,,, but I know,,, you're NOT! Now chips count against you like accidents? I believe the ins co's are commiting fraud big time to the american public! Let's force you to carry ins, then make you afraid to use it by raising your rates, even worse than they already are!!!!! MAKES ME WANT TO THROW UP!!!

Re: Comp INS

Glass Woman, I replied to a post the other day regarding customers being afraid to file glass claims due to premium increase. A customer told me he'd bumped someone's car in a private lot. They exchanged information and the other person agreed not to call the police. He called his agent to ask about filing a claim and how it would affect his rates, then decided to just pay the damage out of pocket. When he received his next billing statement his premium had gone up, he called his agent and was told that because he informed them of it they were required to use the information (experience rating) to determine his policy premium. So with no police report (accident against license) and no insurance claim, he still got the big one, and no candlelight dinner

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