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Chevy Express Vans

Every time I get my van serviced (approx. every 3000 miles) the thing needs front brakes. I also notice after a few miles with new brakes the things start squeaking. Has anyone else experienced this?

Re: Chevy Express Vans

We have 3 of 'em...never happened to ours (yet)

Re: Chevy Express Vans

Has to be a default somewhere.Maybe the calipers are sticking and not releasing like they should.Those are the best work vans around,had dodges(junk)and fords(dont last)You have the best one.Never have any problems with ours.Is it under warranty?

Re: Chevy Express Vans

The van itself is out of warranty (02 model) but the first set of brakes I had replaced came with a 12 month 12000 mile warranty, so they have been replacing them for free.

The service writer at the Chevy dealer I have it serviced at told me that the Express is notorious for eating up brakes. I guess if they want to keep replacing them for free every 3000, I will let them.

Re: Re: Chevy Express Vans

Most of the time early break wear is due to the rear brakes not being adjusted right.You now have a load and the fronts are diong all the work.Have the rears adjusted and have the dealer check your porportioning valve to make sure it is breaking evenly.

Re: Chevy Express Vans

It is to light of duty truck for as much glass as your putting into it. I have fords, And had all my e-150's eat up front brakes. I went to a 250 and 350 and never had a problem. When I had the 150 i put an adjustable brake proportion valve on the fronts so I could manually shut some front brake down.

Re: Chevy Express Vans

i have only had one express van, because i was tired of the e-150's brakes, at about 40,000 miles my chevy blew the intake gasket it was like $1500 to get fixed, so i got a e-250 with four wheel disc which is the same system as the super duty p/u's, i have 70,000 on my first set of brakes, and have have heard about p/u's going 100,000. has anyone noticed a front tire wear problem with the fords?

Re: Chevy Express Vans

1st of all, I used to have Chevys and GMCs and the only bad thing I could say about them was the fuel milage sucked. About 12.5mpg. Always get a 2500 or a 3500. 1500's are not meant for any kind of a load. Finally I bought a long wheelbase Sprinter and it is night and day difference. Instead of getting my oil changed every 3000 miles, it is like every 15000 to 17000. And that is per the on board computer. I also get 23 mpg. And don't even mention all the room there is in the back. 13.5 feet from the baracade to the back doors. And you can be 6'1" and your head will not touch the ceiling in the back. As far as your brakes go, I know the problem well. Your rotors are toast. Replace the rotors and callipers. It needs to be down about every 150k on those Chevys, GMC's and Fords.

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