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94 Honda Civic Driver Side Door Glass

Hey guys. A couple of months ago my driver side door glass started acting up. Its automatic and when I go to roll it up it misses the top part of the molding and pops out a bit leaving a gap between the glass and the frame at the top. I have to manually guide it with my hand to get it to close properly. It also appears that the glass has shifted slightly - like it has dropped down a little bit on the front because even when I can get it to close it still looks like its sitting cock-eyed. Is this a common problem?

Another question - unrelated to the above. The other day I was thinking about the the '68 Chevelle SS I used to have. Back then I used to smoke (gave it up years ago) and one day I was driving down the road and went to roll down my window to toss the butt out. When I went to throw it out my hand hit the window and the butt wound up in the back floor board and I had hot ash all over me. I had accidentally opened the vent window instead of rolling down the main window.

I didn't notice because I was watching traffic in front of me. You guys ever see any cars with the old vent windows anymore?

Re: 94 Honda Civic Driver Side Door Glass

it sounds to me like the front clip that is bonded to the glass either broke or became un-bonded. Best solution is to replace the glass. I would do the job for 1 million dollars, but if you wait until the Sept.11 update I will do it for $47.95. Because as wee all know my cost of doing business keeps getting lower and lower.

Re: 94 Honda Civic Driver Side Door Glass

Look at the rubber (run channel) that the glass slides in. At the front it has probably shrunk up. You will know this by seeing where the rubber is shaped for the front corner of the glass, but it will be pulled up the door some instead of being down at the turn where the verticle channels guides the front of the glass.

If you arre lucky it has not bent the regulator or broke the bottom channels yet and is just causing the front of the glass to bind and tilt forward.. In that case you could unsnap the rubber(run channel) from the door and stretch it back into place.(you will need to glue it to keep it from shrinking and pulling back up again). Then put spray silicon in the run channel where the glass slides or some type of wet lube to help it move more freely.

Look and see if the run channel is out of place like I suspect. If it is then that needs to be corrected first. After that you will know when you roll the glass if there is more damage because it will still lean forward out of the back of the door.

Check it and let me know what you find then I will help you from there if you need it.

Re: 94 Honda Civic Driver Side Door Glass

SBOK - you have described the situation to a 't'. There is a spot where it looks like the rubber run channel is bunching up. Thanks.

Re: 94 Honda Civic Driver Side Door Glass

The rubber snaps into the door. Try removing enough of it to stretch it back into place.

If you have problems or more questions let me know. Hope it helps.

Re: 94 Honda Civic Driver Side Door Glass

do lots of power window repair on honda. over time the rubber get older every year. get new rubber from dealer.
driver side always go bad over time. cause you use it all the time.. to bad u not in my area ,will check it out for FREE.

Re: 94 Honda Civic Driver Side Door Glass

Webmaster- once you do what SBOK recomended ,use only spray silicone you will find that many other wet lubes have petroleum in them and this will cause the rubber to expand and make it nearly impossible to roll the glass down.

Re: 94 Honda Civic Driver Side Door Glass

Thanks for all the help. I'll give it a shot and let you know how it comes out. Fortunately theres no rain in the immediate forecast so if I screw it up I won't have to worry about it leaking.

Re: 94 Honda Civic Driver Side Door Glass


Where are you located? You have mentioned shops in Oklahoma in the past. I think it would be interesting to talk with you more.

Re: 94 Honda Civic Driver Side Door Glass

SBOK - I had a shop in OKC out West of town off Morgan rd and N.W. 10 (it now belongs to Smith International) I only come to the city to get my daughter and check on our place off of 59th street,about every 2-3 weeks.

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