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Auto Glass Tips

I see people on here all the time looking for suggestions on cars, parts, etc . I approached Bud Oliver from NAGS about the legalities of saying like XX 7347 part do this etc.. However he said ANY use of nags was propritary info.. and wanted to charge to say the XX XXXX part you do XYZ to do. He wanted ALOT of money for an online resource... I sure wish somone had an online resource for tips.. that nags could come up with some fair charge that a web master could pay. Would you pay lets say $60 a YEAR to access info on parts? I would pay $200

Re: Auto Glass Tips

I will pay $45 and you can pay the rest ok Bachman.

I think this program would be good but what if the NGA put it together. They could up the dues $25-$30 for everyone and it would help cover costs.

Re: Auto Glass Tips

amen brother, finally we agree on something would be nice to have would beat the hell out of waiting for 1 car per every so months in agrr or the other mag!!

Re: Auto Glass Tips

I know thats right I started collecting the tech pages out of both mags and made a guide for our techs but it would still be mice to have a program so you could just walk to the computer or even print them of when you take the job.

Re: Auto Glass Tips

I am going to contact nags regarding this again, mabey bud got some last nite and will be in a good mood :) lol

Re: Auto Glass Tips

The problem I would have with NAGS giving tips on installation is that NAGS has no clue, they do not install. They show 3.8 hours for a Camry shield, 2.5 for the Mustang w/s in earlier posting, they show bolt-ins as urethane-sets and vice versa, show moldings needed when they are not....on and on and on and on. Maybe Gutierez or Beranek would be a better option to pursue.

Re: Auto Glass Tips

No need permission to use the #'s

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