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Selling Technique

Hi. In addition to doing installation we also visit current customers (face time) and potential customers. What is the best way to approach a potential customer who is using another company who's prices are dirt cheap? It seems everyone has a walmart mentality that I talk to. When I explain glass quality, installer expertise, etc. I get the "deer in the headlights glaze". Obviously I am not a born sales guy. Any advice or pointers gratefully appreciated. Thanx.

Re: Selling Technique

I tape my business card to a brick and throw it through their window... but seriously if you are trying to compete with the low ballers just let the potential customers know you are out there. They may get in a jam one day and need you, just make sure you charge them your price when they do, they may see what they get for the extra money is worth it, a better install, more profesional appearance. I have lost cumstomers to low ballers and in a few months most come back, and when they do they usually don't gripe about pricing anymore. I had one customer leave me for "better" pricing the other shop (I won't mention any names but it starts with an safe and ends with a lite) cut the heating bladder on a Mercedes that in turn wiped out the electrical and a computer or two, over $10,000 in damage plus the person who owned the car was not very happy, the dealer wound up buying the car back from him to keep a loyal customer happy, after that they stopped complaining about the $75 dollars more I charge.

Re: Selling Technique

Smile, keep going back, don't pressure them, just be nice. If that don't work get the brick.

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