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labor $100

just did labor only replacement rear door regulator.
customer came in to replace a regulator w/motor. he buy aftermarket part online, so install the part. notice makeing lot of noise going up. so the customer want me to put back the old one. i said ok. so i didn't charge anything. you think i should still charge for my time.

Re: labor $100

You just posted under"slow times" that you are lowering your prices cause it's slow by you, now you're doing stuff for free? Are you for real or trying to upset us?!

Re: labor $100

Yes, the defective part was not your concern.

Re: labor $100

We charge $45.00 just to take a door panel off and take a look. Once it's off and diagnosed if the owner will 99% of the time approve the parts and labor. You gotta remember like most of us know, the few bucks made on labor jobs like this takes time away from profitable jobs. Oh, that's right it's so slow free is the going rate.

Re: labor $100

never try aftermarket part.this is the first time. i always put in dealer part. i tell the customer come back with the dealer part than i will charge the same price.
take's install.

Re: labor $100

AG I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU! when it's slow you don't charge less,,,, duh ,,that is a formula for going broke. Charge for what you are worth man! If your time is worth 0 than go for it,,, work for free, but you should at least get beer money!!!!!

Re: labor $100

We charge a $15 inspection fee to remove the panel and diagnose the issue. If the owner has us install parts or resolve the issue, we credit the final invoice with the $15 inspection fee.

BTW - We have just started charging for mobile service and so far so good. Comments like "well that is understandable with fuel costs on the rise".

Re: labor $100

Can you share alittle more on how you are doing this?On cash customers, do you give them an in shop price and then tell them its $15.00 more for mobile?
On insurance(with the networks) do you wait until they have dropped off the line and then when you set the appointment up, you tell them it will be $xxx for mobile service and use a separate invoice for that?

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