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FW2159 Toy Echo

I'll be doing one here soon, never done a echo before so i thought i would ask anybody here thats done one. IF theres anything special i need to know to make it easier?? ITs a FW2159, any info would be great, thanks.

Re: FW2159 Toy Echo

ok, never mind my first question. I kinda feel stuiped now for even asking!!

The Car got drop off to me already, and I've already got it striped down and now waiting for the glass to get here to finish it off.

The reason I asked the first question is that nags put this at almost 4 labor hours, 3.7 to be right. I thought for something like that, there had to be something special with it. I really don't know how nags comes up with these labor hours, some cars theres to little and others not enough labor hours. Hmm oh well, thanks anyways!

Re: FW2159 Toy Echo

We had to rnr the windshield and the backglass for a body shop and my tech freaked out when he seen the labor hrs too. So I went with him to make shure he didnt need me to hold his hand . He to laughed when he started the tear down . I called him rookie for a week or two just to give him a hard time .

Re: FW2159 Toy Echo

Camry's are 3.8/3.4 hours for new or older styler...most FCW's have higher NAGS labor...must be the secret formula

Re: FW2159 Toy Echo

Shoot...the average Toyota install takes me anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on the condition of the vehicle, weather, ETC.

As long as you have a new molding for the newer ones its pie work.

Re: FW2159 Toy Echo

(my head is low) I kinda feel stuiped now, the job was soooo simple, i think i got the car striped down and the shield out in like 15 minutes or so. I could not beleive nags has this at 3.7 labor hours! Yes i had a new molding, though i think i could of reused the old one if i had too. I did put the new molding on and we put new shield in, cowel and wipers back on and we were done. Oh and twist the mirror back on.

But thanks anyways!!

Re: FW2159 Toy Echo

We regularly review NAGS labor times, and wonder how they come up with them also. Many are way too short, and some are too long. I would have to check, but think that the short times outweigh the long ones. I would also consider the popularity of the car, and add that times change as you check back to older NAGS calculators, usually down. If you aren't requesting paper copies of calculators so you can go backwards and check changes, consider starting.

We bill below NAGS times, and above NAGS times, as needed. We also charge a fair and reasonable labor fee. NAGS is a guide, not a bible.

The irony of this is, is to check things like average invoice amounts, repair ratios, ect ect, to find that we are within the average that most insurers consider to be acceptable. Yet.....steering abounds. I wonder why? Could it be that it's not about 'performance' in any way, shape, manner, or form? Or, could it be that someone in the middle is manipulating data to their benefit? One must wonder.

Re: FW2159 Toy Echo

well this is smart isn't it now you've all revealed how quickly you can complete these jobs wonder what nags hours will be given in september, and you're all moaning about how little money you're making!!!!!!

Re: FW2159 Toy Echo

they all know what we pay and how long most jobs require already. Have you forgotten LYNX/PPG/State Farm are the same entity? You think SGC doesn't know real labor times and cost of materials...maybe you've seen their installation vans buzzing around your town?

Re: FW2159 Toy Echo

Well maybe if we complaint enough about it NAGS and your friendly neighborhood insurer will drop the hours a little bit to make it more "fair and reasonable" Dont look a gift horse in the mouth .

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