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Lynx just playing me??

Yes I am a Lynx member. Have to be to survive in my area.
Today I called Allstate/Lynx for authorization for a premium w/s for an Audi A6. PPG was the only on to have it and it was premium priced @ 315.00. Lynx would not authorize price because the dealer had them for 283.00. The dealer said 3-5 day wait for windshield. The car belonged to an Allstate agent’s daughter who was leaving in 2 days. H e spoke to lynx and they would not budge. The agent then called Allstate claims who set up the claim and authorized the premium w/s price. We cancelled the Lynx dispatch and went ahead with the job. A while later Lynx calls back and says they will authortize the prmium glass replacement. Told them forget it we made other arrangements. Since when is Lynx the one who determins for Allstate if they will pay NAGS price or Dealer price? Was Lynx playing a waiting game to see if I would cave or lose the job?

Re: Lynx just playing me??

they are 8.00 an hour csr's that don't know backglass from doorglass.

Re: Lynx just playing me??

Hopefully you have documented the whole thing, so the next Allstate customer that comes in, you will be able to prove that Allstate Agents are treated "more equally" in the system than other Allstate insureds.

We have several that we see this; seems that lawyers, judges, agents, doctors, all seem to get 'more equal' treatment, than other insureds. I'm sure it's just a coincidence. THe one with the district court judge, OEM Logo parts, special shipping, HIMOD, extra clean up labor, not only went through quickly and easily, it set a land speed record for a payment arriving. Two days, if memory serves. He was pulled from the Lynx process by the agent right after the first call. I can't imagine why.

Next denial of a similar claim, I'd be considering forwarding things to the Attorney General.


Re: Lynx just playing me??

Like it said on the barn wall," All animals are equal, but some are more equal then others."

Re: Lynx just playing me??

Follow up. I had the check in hand from Allstae in 3 days. not the usual 3-6 weeks Lynx takes.

Re: Lynx just playing me??

Sorry ment to post as Sglass Anon was from the question about shop worth.

Re: Lynx just playing me??

Trust me LYNX is not conspiring against you! I have toured there call center before and was able to see the whole process. They put the csr's through alot of training , and none of it that i viewed was to be biased twoard any shop. If anything some of there scripting (from some ins customers) tells you multiple times that you have a choice.

Re: Lynx just playing me??


Not with the documentation I've got.

How does one account for bills paid well below the insurers accepted amount?

How does one account for delays well past state laws on timely payment?

How does one account for a host of state laws that are not complied with, for that matter?

I have more, but you get the point. And why, if we have to trust, are there contracts to be signed? On the other hand, those contracts promise absolutely nothing on the network's part.

Trust, you say? I trusted them 15 years ago. Nothing since has warranted my trust. No thank you. I have spoken with people, VERY decent people, deep in the system. Even they can see the handwriting on the wall, but cannot do anything about it. They have become tangled in the web they themselves helped to weave, and are as trapped in it as anyone.

What will Lynx do when insurers get out of glass? Metryx won't fly retail; without them holding the steering wheel, they won't be able to drive consumers anywhere.

I believe that the people at Belron, Diamond, several collision chains, see this clearly. The bottom is falling out of the network game.


Re: Lynx just playing me??

Bachman, What color is the sky in the world you live in? Hmmm they gave you a tour of the operation….I can’t help but wonder what doors they didn’t open for you. Nikita Krushev wasn’t alowed to go to Disney world for fear of what he might see there too.
I did a test with a Ins. Co. I did not get any referrals from Lynx on. I set discounts and labor to net $100.00 per w/s. I was assigned. 17 w/s in the 60 days I had to keep the discount active. When I removed the discount I did not get any more Lynx referrals.
Don’t tell me Lynx doesn’t steer.

Re: Lynx just playing me??

Nikita going to Disney = Tour of Lynx. Now, that's something that'll make your hair hurt.

Re: Lynx just playing me??

Anyone can go tour LYNX dood, all you got to do is ask them. Same with safelite.. just call them and stop whining. and whoever said he was on lynx 15 years i do not even think they have been around but mabey 10 years tops?

Re: Lynx just playing me??

Lol i mis understood what somone said about the doors they did not open, So i take back my mean comments. But anyways you can still tour the place..

Re: Lynx just playing me??

Lynx has been around for close to 15 years. Way more then 10 years

Re: Lynx just playing me??

Wow your right i just talked to IBS who use to be in with lynx and they claim your right, **** that seems like forever ago, 92 there saying so your very close

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