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Cayenne Dr Glass

Separate door pull cover from door pull. Lower panel on arm rest separates from upper arm rest. 4 torx 30 machine screws in arm rest and door pull. 2 15 torx at bottom of door panel. Door panel is held on with plugs. At upper belt moulding there are 2 friction clips that secure the upper part of the dr panel to the inner belt moulding. Mirror adjustment acturator will fall out when you remove dr panel, it will go back after panel is re installed. 4 3/16 rivets at top of inner panel need to be drilled out. 2 1/8 rivets at inner panel belt moulding at front and rear need to be removed. These are under 2 plastic pieces one of these has a 1/8 rivet holding it on. Door seal needs to be removed to let inner panel relase and inner panel is held on with 8-9 30-torx screws plus two 3/16 rivets holding the inner door release to the inner panel. Remove the inner door release hook up and the motor and let the inner panel hang. The door glass has 2 holes. The 2 25 torx screws load from the outside. You need a 1/4 short ratcheting wrench with a 25 torx bit to remove these. This is one of the most involved dr glasses I have ever encountered. HTH

Re: Cayenne Dr Glass


THANKS for posting this Lee!! Must have been a treat seeing all this for the first time.

Re: Cayenne Dr Glass

I'll just send them all to you

Re: Cayenne Dr Glass

That sucks royally. I always wonder on things like this if the engineer who designed it was TRYING to give people a hard time. Don't they realize that someone somewhere is going to have to replace it one day?

Re: Cayenne Dr Glass

Heh. It is designed to be assembled from the inside out on a moving line. It's enough to make your

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