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Motorhome W/S Pricing

We don't get too many motorhomes to do and have a customer that needs both sides replaced which will be covered by insurance. Our cost is significant with freight, ect.

How do others price these out to insurance companies?

THANKS for any input.

Re: Motorhome W/S Pricing

You have to do markup based on your conditions and costs. Here is some help though

Ask the company you are ordering the windshields from if they have a suggested list price. Compare that with your cost, and adjust accordingly. I normally have been able to give a small discount off of that suggested price, but it gives me a starting point.

Freight and Crate charges are typically:
Freight $65.00 to $100.00
Crate 65.00 to 95.00 per windshield.
I normally do not mark these up.

Labor rates that I have been offered by "network type companies" usually range from $140.00 to $200.00 per windshield. Most times that has been a fair range. In some situations I have charged as much as $300.00 per windshield when factors such as mobile, or three or four men being needed factor in.

Make sure if it needs mouldings, urethane etc.
Normally I charge $30.00 to $60.00 for urethane depending on the size of the windshield. Also I recommend using a one hour dry HV urethane on all these. Since most of these windshields stand almost straight up it is alot better in my opinion to get it cured as fast as possible.

Re: Motorhome W/S Pricing

If you're billing a network or even direct billing the insurance co., get a fax confirmation approving or authorizing your charges or you're in for a big headache if you just send an insurance co. a bill that's not pre-authorized. Our typical motor home shield costs 500.00 w/freight and crate, excluding glue and moldings if needed. We charge around 800.00 - 1000.00 per side cause usually are 2 or 3 person sets. If we even slightly are resisted by a TPA or insurance company we tell the owner exactly what are fair charges are and if your insurance company is going to try to get it lowered or resist in any way, you pay or buh-bye.

Re: Motorhome W/S Pricing

THANKS for the feedback. Very helpful!

Re: Re: Motorhome W/S Pricing

another thing to consider is the worst case scenario. what will it cost you if the windshield breaks or doesn't fit? i had a motorhome that needed both w/s's replaced. it had a tight timeline. both w/s's arrive we set the appt. we do our work mobile as we don't have a tall enough door. when we arrived, we measured and everything looks good. we cut them out and they get broke up pretty bad. went to set the shields and the bend is different. to serve the customer we drove to elkhart, indiana and picked up the right w/s's. 600 miles r/t. we did this to keep the customer happy. after that i changed my formula. cost x 3 including freight and crate. and a fair hourly rate based upon the degree of difficulty. the harder it is the more our hourly rate is.

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