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Geico and the big SgC ! 38% off fax today ..

Well so much for this rebalance .

Ill just bill them through my mechanic if I get anyone witrh a geico claim .

Re: Geico and the big SgC ! 38% off fax today ..

Whenever these faxes come over I just think how stupid, moronic, and foolish Safelite is since they do a good percentage of these jobs. They are cutting their own throats by continually accepting "the insurance companies'" rates. Cause it's never SGC setting rates, they always claim it's the insurance co., which we all know is just one more lie.

Re: Geico and the big SgC ! 38% off fax today ..

I had a guy call me the other day for a quote on a 2003 trail blazer. He gave me two names of companies that gave him quotes for a price almost for what the class costs. have you checked the cost of the w/s on these cars. I told him to go with the one that gave him the lowest bid. I am not into it for a service and I believe I am talking to a safelite rep. anyone with a 2003 unless they have a few $$$$ would have coverage for this. he hung up on me. We dont give quotes out any more. they either want to use us or they dont and if they want cheep. keep looking

Re: Geico and the big SgC ! 38% off fax today ..

The rate changes don't effect Safelite because they generally give around 50% off to be an insurance companies preferred shop. Their goal is to get it as low as possible for to try and hurt their competitors before they have to file for bankruptcy themselves.


Re: Geico and the big SgC ! 38% off fax today ..

When we get these calls from a supposed cash shopping customer telling us what someone else quoted them, we tell them what the OEM dealer part is, in this case, the one WITH the GM logo, new moulding if possible, fair labor, kit and tax.

We also offer OEM brand, or an OEM mfg brand to give them two lower cost options, along with a quick statement of quality installation and their safety.

If they still won't listen, we politely wish them good luck, and to have a nice day. If they do listen, we elaborate on the differences in the choices we gave them. We explain that there are some mfg parts we will not install, no matter how cheap they are. Nobody else is giving them choices, nor explaining the differences, and it makes them wonder why.

But for the last almost two weeks now, we haven't lost but one now, if I recall correctly, and we are rarely, if ever, the lowest.

Could be our advertising, could be the reputation of the lowballers, our re-repairs on bad installs are increasing after each rain, whatever it is, I'm not complaining, nor playing the low price game.

If I'm not going to make money on a job, I'd rather be fishing. I'm certainly not going to lose money on a job just to keep someone else from getting it. Think about that, you would be losing money on a job to make sure THEY don't lose money on the job.

It would be very difficult to convince me that Safelite, and others, isn't hurting badly right now, and have been. All indicators from any press releases point there.

The only way quantity is working is inshop, or large fleet accounts; point being, you keep your installers working, NOT driving chasing the cars. I don't think that's a common scenario these days, though I do think more businesses are realizing it.

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