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safelite got there first

Anyone ever show up to a job, and have Safelite pull off as soon as you drive up? Remember the feeling you got in your stomach? How can they get away with that?

Re: safelite got there first

No that never happens to me cause i get started at 6am, gotta get up early in the AM to ruin my busines..

Re: safelite got there first

Was that a Freudian slip?

Re: safelite got there first

how can they get away with it,,,, people and shops let them! I'm glad I do not have any safelite, or dt, around me. sgc is the worst but they are not alone. Harmon did this a few times to us but we finally went to mat with them. It was Horace mann ins, customer came in , we ordered the parts, set the appt for the next day,, when he didn't show we called him,, he thought we were there doing the work. We went to the top of Horace mann, a great guy, and after a few well placed calls harmon was forced to pay us for the job they stole away. People have to take the time to stand up, and not put up with bs. It's sad but if you let people walk on ya ,, you will wear tread marks!

Re: safelite got there first

They can't get away with it. All you have to do is get your dispatch to prove you were assigned the claim and something from the customer saying they did not ask Safelite to come out, that they just showed up and you will get paid on the job even though you didn't do it. You have to have the 2 items listed above though. Just submit them to Safelite as proof and you'll get paid and Safelite won't.


Re: safelite got there first

Even with all the court cases Safelite has been involved with in the last 3 or 4 years they are still pulling that crap .WOW!!

The IGA used to have forms on its web site you could print off to help shops document this type of thing but as with everything else this industry starts ......... (Well never mind you guys already know what I was going to type)

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