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stynx and the FARM at it again!

lynx, and st farm are back to more-tryx to shops not accepting the bs of metrix. they went from having to give a bottom line bid when they call with a customer wanting to use your shop. Bottom line bid has to be at thier own pricing for your area. Then they would pay the shop directly, 5-10 days. That worked just fine for us. Then they changed it to lynx sending out a dispatch and we then edi'ed the invoice then we would get paid in a month or so. Now today they are starting a new process with is to go back to a bid and no paper sent off then they said the customer would recieve the check, ahhhh ,not in Minn. the rep from st farm then backtracked on that and stated "oh yea you are right we will send the check straight to the shop." basically they are going back and forth and really don't know what to do with us shops that won't buckle in to thier great and wonderful network,,,, what a crock,,, It sure seems like they are doing everything they can to mess with us and try to make it miserable for us and the insured. anyone else getting the dipsey doodle run around from these ^&&((%(!yahoo's ?????? It's time to go to the State Ins commissioner with this. Anyone else not on metryx and getting jerked around??? What are they trying to do in your state? Just when we have it figured out what or how they want to play they change the dang rules again and again!!!!!!!

Re: stynx and the FARM at it again!

UPDATE,, For a while this morning I was wondering if I was the only one having this problem of st farm changing the game. well I got a call from a really nice guy, for a change, that basically it came down to,,,, it must have been a glich. because St farm has not changed their policy since april 06, and lynx should have sent us a dispatch along with the dispatch # they gave us, plus they should have never said what they said. They are not going back to paperless, but even though we are not on metrix they have to send us a dispatch, and upon completion we edi and invoice,,, oppps sorry,,, back to normal we go....I kinda liked it better when we got paid in 5-7 days! I guess no one else is having difficulties with lynx,,, or everyone is on metrix????? hmmm

Re: stynx and the FARM at it again!

Well, now that Jim Latch, the creator of this evil empire is now responsible for selling us auto glass we can send him a strong message. The only way we will get anywhere is if we ban together and fight fire with fire!

Re: stynx and the FARM at it again!

Suffice to say, Shop-Owner, no you're NOT the only one.

State Farm's benevolant act of "sending checks to shops" was in my opinion, nothing more than to make sure that all claims, even those outside the o/a, will now go through Lynx.

We are documenting short pays below the Farm's own determination of 'fair and reasonable' because we refuse to line item bill per their instructions, even with the bill within the 'bottom line bid' acceptable price.

What this shows is a direct intent to either fix material prices, labor prices, kit prices, and the entire bill below their own stated acceptable amounts, in that they ignore the bottom line amount and cherry pick the invoice, catching what they consider 'overcharges' and ignoring what they consider 'undercharges', and finally ignoring the invoice total amount, an amount within the Farms stated acceptable price.

Why would any insurer be interested in any line items on a bill in the first place, and not only the final price? The claims payout should be their only interest. It's not just the Farm Lynx is doing this with either.

Cherry picking shows a deliberate intent to pay below the insurers own stated approved price total; by only 'auditing' overcharges and ignoring the items within or under the itemized amounts allowed, shows direct intent to short pay, especially when ignoring the bottom line invoice total that was within the insurers approved price.

The obvious question becomes "Are you attempting to fix prices for materials, labor, and kits, in the autoglass replacement industry?"

Any 'auditor' that audits with interest in only favoring one side of the figures, in this case to benefit one party, is at the least questionably ethical.

JHMO and still gathering documentation.

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