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Conversion Vans

What is the best source for conversion van windows? We have had a rash of them lately.. been turning them down.. is there a good outlet for them..

Re: Conversion Vans

CR LAURANCE CO.1-800-421-6144 , OR PARKIN ACCESSORIES @ 1-800-637-8938

Re: Conversion Vans

We too have a bunch of conversions lately. Just put a top glass in a T-Slider today. Not sure why so many all of the sudden?

Parkin is our first call. Doug, Yogi and Mike are FANTASTIC to work with. DCM is the second call if necessary. DCM is good also and typically have a better inventory. (nothing wrong with DCM, just like working with Parkin better)
CR Laurence is usually last. Seems like our account rep always has trouble locating the correct part. Parkin and DCM usually know most part #'s by memory.


Re: Conversion Vans

don't forget about Ed at parkin's, he's great, too.

Re: Conversion Vans

Are you replacing glass only or the whole unit? When we do these that use 1/8 temp we measure the size of the glass and the radius corners. Then fax an order to ACI and usually get it in a day or 2. If it is a pattern cut we cut and they temper. If you have someone that tempers 1/8 inch this is the most cost efective we have found.

Re: Conversion Vans

Thanks :)

Re: Conversion Vans

Wait a second Lee! ACI told me I was the only person they let fax patterns in, that everybody else had to send in full size traced patterns. They said I was the only one that knew how to draw a pattern out.

Dang it, if you're doing it too, I'm not special anymore!!

Re: Conversion Vans

Are you really special??????? ACI won't let us fax in patterns because the sizes fluxuate between fax machines. We fax in the order with the sizes we need.
I was at ACI Santa Fe Springs the other day. They have a Cad-Cam cutting machine/tracer that digilatizes patterns. I wondered why the quality went way up. Ok what kind of fax do you have.

Re: Conversion Vans

Where is ACI at really these days, i have not seen one in years.. and that was in the south...

Re: Conversion Vans

Hey Lee,

No, I'm not special, that was supposed to be funny. But ACI has told me that I'm the only one that they let fax patterns in. They tried a couple of times to say no, but we draw out patterns that a blind man could follow.

It's not hard, especially if you have one square corner to start from. But topper back glasses are easy to, just map out the top and bottom spans, tag the radius corners, and note htat the two sides are equal angles.

The top and bottom spans show the measurements before the radius corners are cut. All they have to do is cut the glass, with parrallel top and bottom, measure out from center for the top and bottom dimensions, cut the sides, then cut the radius corners. Too easy.

We have a little cardboard cutout for several different shapes that we commonly use, like a topper back. Trace it on the fax sheet, add in your measurements, radius corners and such, and fax it in.

They've got the proof if you screwed up the measurements, and you've got the proof if they mess up the cut.

Any thing not having one square corner to start from, or not having equal angles, then we have to revert to good old full size patterns and send them in. Things like three piece boat windshields. Had a hell of a time the other day coming up with 3/16 solex green to temper a pattern out of.

Use a number two pencil only and be sure to completely fillin the little circles!

(that was supposed to be funny too!)

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