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Our CASH price starts at 378.75 w/ tax, kit, mldg, labor, 0 discount from gags,opps nags. competing with price is NOT working for any shops, just killing the price even more,,,,,, easy answer,,, like drugs,,,, just say "NO". say "No" to Dictated, Rates, Undermining, Glass, Shops. Please get off the drugs! This is not directed at anyone person or business, just the ones who are competing on the rediculous prices alone. I do feel sorry for any of you who are in these kind of markets that have been killed by sgc and lowballers, but thats why I moved to smalltown usa.


WOW, just give us an idea how much do you pay for the glass 43.94 ?


Wonder how much they charge Hal for that job? And these are the people setting the rates??????


We're just a bit cheaper than XXX, with a Prec mldg. These are on the 'spring special' list for us. Sold two Saturday. Same owner, both came with an unconditional guarantee with a "I know where you live!" clause from the owner. lol

Seems last time, the cheap price didn't work out very well. lol

Of course, he is aware that if there is rust, there will be additional charges also for corrosion procedures, to which he replied: "NO PROBLEM, I know who installed the last ones".

Same deal with a net priced backglass Saturday. Customer got a quote that was lower than us, but also lower than the 'net price' of the part, and installed. My reply was "Good Luck; let me give you a list of things to look for while you watch them do the work". Of course this list started with removal of the rear seat to vaccuum broken glass, and three other items from there.

That customer called back this AM and told me to order the part. AT our quoted higher-than-them price. Don't know the details yet.

Come to think of it, I haven't lost a "cash quote" in over a week and a half! Sure glad I don't play that "cash" game.


Well to you bachman, and any other lowballers, my cost for mopar is 167.79, ppg about 65. maybe if I looked around for cheap cheap, or northstar junk maybe 45 bucks , but what the lowballers fail to realize is there is much more than the cost of glass, there is mldg, urethane, how about the costs of keeping your shop open? it's kinda nice to have phones and lights and running water. Have you ever added up the true costs? Anyone selling or installing under 300 for most w/s and has a shop is either not making any money or you are losing $$$ by the way stfarm pricing for that w/s here is 436.78,,, st auto and Hal, 519.87 . when shops stop competing by beating up the price the market is no where near as bad as places they do beat it up. I have no idea how any of you can survive with the lowball pricing out there! Maybe you don't make payments, or no ins, no help, no roof or walls, do you use candles to see by, or only work in the light of day? hmmm? We don't do any cash auto glass work for less than between 250-350, and some are higher, those are the cheap ones.. e-gadd if there are some of you out there who want to install glass for 50-75 bucks,,, you should come here and install for me,,, I'll pay ya that,, your tools, your materials, ,,, on second thought ,,, I would lose too many customers from cheap crap work.


You make too much sense, XXX. When these low-ballers realize that they have to do 3-4 windshields to match the profit you make on one, do you think they might reconsider their ways? Not to mention the head-ache and administration requirements of higher volume shops. Lets see, more overhead and lower profit margins is good business?
The reality is the opposite of their perception. The people who compete on price are feeling the latest pricing pressures way more than us shops that compete on service and get our price. I love the irony in the shops that came into our market (DT, Safelite) with low pricing intending to put us out of business are the ones that are actually hurting from their stupid pricing .


All depends on your market. If you get 50 calls a day and get one job, it is a wake - up call, you must compete, keep your crew busy and paid fairly. Each of our markets are different, I wish to God I could get over $300.00 for a Neon w/s. Here it's $200.00 if you can talk 'em into it. Plus please realize in a high-populated area like here, the body shops we have serviced for years and years are forced through DRP programs to accept network pricing, it's just a fact today. They don't like it, we don't like it, but the insurance companies like it. Your choice is simple, take it or leave body shops you have serviced for 20 years.


plus on top of that they rebate agents to get the work!


Sorry XXX, didnt' realize we were speaking of OEM only. We're just under $447 OEM, including OEM molding.

We give the customer the choice of brand, and it varies their cost. I don't sell windshields that aren't at least OEM suppliers.

We do have a separate charge allowance for 'insurance claims processing', the effort that goes into it, the months of waiting to get paid. Then there's the extra dental costs for teeth gnashing also. I just figure it this way, if insurers want a "cash" price, and I don't like that term, I prefer Payment on Delivery or POD, then they can darn well bring cash.

So long as it takes what it takes to play the insurance claims game, there are going to be fees attached to account for it. However there is no reason it should make hundreds of dollars difference. I think that's just wrong.


Glass God, try phoenix where there is like a thousand shops... cash business down there is non existant unless you want to invest 20,000 a month in advertising to get... 21,000 in work :)

Oh my god, am i actually agree'n with glass god...


I re-did a job that SGC butchered a few weeks ago. It was a FW799 Toyota Tacoma. I thought it was pretty much impossible to mess one of those gravy jobs up too bad...boy was I wrong. The cowl was glued to the windshield and they fileted the molding and glued it back down. Something that would normally take me 30 minutes took over an hour.

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