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4x6 sign

just order a 4x6 sign 1/2"board. for my shop. going to home depot to buy some wood to make a stand. puting two pole on the ground. any tips would be helpful. how deep does the hole has to be. do i need any cement afterward.
i don't want to wind to blow off the sign. i only work on auto glass. but not sign post. need help.
thank you.

Re: 4x6 sign

check with your local building inspector.

they have codes for that, including the height, you don't want to have to do it twice..My sign blew off one day, didn't make me to happy. the sign cost i think around 4,000. the guy who put the sign up used electrical conduit inside the sign, luckily we kind of noticed it moving and moved the cars parked under the sign.

sign guy sold to another sign guy, so i got stuck with the will not come down again, i had a welding shop build the sign this time, we needed a boom truck to get it up there.

Re: 4x6 sign

I recomend 2 10-12 ft treated 4x4 posts. put them in ground 3-4 ft. Holes twice the size of the posts 8-10". after placeing posts in ground pack dry sacrete to fill the hole with post. pack it as much as you can. garden hose , water the top, but don't run the sacrete out just get it wet. If you have a rainy climate posts will set fine, dry climate water a couple times a day till it sets. good luck.

Re: 4x6 sign

What i do on all my vacant lots is just get some card board and a crayon, and some tree limbs, make sure there nice and straight take one end of each stick and sharpen them nicely, then take some butyl and stick the sign to it, makes a real 1st class impression!

Re: 4x6 sign

If your going to do it yourself, ask the people who are making your sign. They should be able to guide you. A good sign company like Fast Signs etc.. whatever your local sign shop is called should be able to help.

Re: 4x6 sign

Do you get alot of work from people just driving by? I think a big sign is like a yellow page ad... its just for yourself...

Re: 4x6 sign

I have a Big sign, and we get alot of drive in chip repairs.. cause the state mandated emmisions station is across the street, but some of the walk ins are nonsense.

Re: 4x6 sign

had my sign up already.take me about an hour to put it up myself. its been about over a week already. got few jobs already from the sign. my sign is yellow background with big black letters. everything cost me about $550.
i also had big sign on my truck all around. the good thing is you only paid one time only and its there forever. every year i have to paid yellow pages, sucks.
thanks for the tips.

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