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nags #'s on 35 packard needed

looking for #'s on a 5-pass sedan w/trunk.

Re: nags #'s on 35 packard needed

W/S 9060
Front vent 9064
front door 9087
rr door 9086
qtr 9065
back 9069

There are different #'s for the rr d/g if the car is a 'club' sedan.

Re: nags #'s on 35 packard needed

It is the regular sedan,but i need the NAGS #'s.I have the same book.It's great for finding the block sizes for quotes.Try matching up those numbers to your patterns.

Re: nags #'s on 35 packard needed

make your own patterns and charge the customer a pattern fee then label it with #s listed in you book . then file them in ABC order buy vehicle make .

Our patterns our filed these way because when I was a kid my dad got tired of spending hours trying to locate the correct #s so he made me spend all weekend reorganizing them .(who would think 15 years later it still works for me

Re: nags #'s on 35 packard needed

I already have the patterns.I just need the NAGS numbers to pick out the right ones.

Re: nags #'s on 35 packard needed

These #'s are out of a 1947 Shatterproof Cat. They
have references to NAGS #'s 9060=908 w/s, 9064=2594 vent, 9087=3819 ft dr, 9085=3817 r dr, 9069=2599 back.
These are for a 35-6 sedan club 4d 5p with trunk series 120 120b types 896 996. There is another one of these w/trunk that has a 1/4 it's 9065=2595. HTH

Re: nags #'s on 35 packard needed

Thanks Lee.

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