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Speedy Shrink

What is up with Speedy stores closing down? I have heard of 3-4 locations closing in Western Washington. Does anyone know anything about this? They have been advertising so heavily the past few month it is kinda shocking to hear this news. Fact or Fiction!!

Re: Speedy Shrink/Empire

Here in Phoenix they have spent alot on radio advertising and from what I hear there are doing really bad. They have laid off Installers wich is a sure sign things are not good. I guess there offer of 50 Power Tickets for a install isnt working.

Re: Speedy Shrink

The real fuuny part is they advertise as "Speedy-Empire" they must have had to take over to satisfy old warehouse debts, they definitly were buying a quality brand name.

Re: Speedy Shrink

Sorry to burst everyone's bubbles but Speedy is doing just fine. They have done a little in-house tweaking to keep up with the changing industry, every business needs a tune-up once in a while. Unlike some companies that believe business practices from the 90s will work in today's market, Speedy is making the changes needed to stay competitive.

Re: Speedy Shrink

Make sense to do a little bit of house cleaning. Wonder if they are in talks with Belron. Rumors have been flying that they are selling their US stores to Belron. I couldn't really see them closing store before a potential sale. Other rumors have it that they are getting out of auto glass and remaining strickly flat glass.

Re: Speedy Shrink

Who care as long as my companies are still open and turning a small small profit.

Re: Speedy Shrink

Yeah, be happy with that small profit. Doesn't matter how much risk you are taking running a business, just be happy with your meagre profit.

That's the ticket; don't worry, be happy!

Re: Speedy Shrink

Where are the Speedy stores that are still open located?

Re: Speedy Shrink

hey wirehead.. you & me are on the same page, let the industry speculate while we dominate.. Wake up its not 1980 anymore...

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