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reminder that state farm might not be the devil

did a glass replacement on a tempered part in a van, this one did not go through lynx, for some reason it was handled like a vehicle that has additional damage. it reminded me of the old days, i did not bill at lynx rates since i knew it was going directly to state farm, and just like the old days, state farm paid the full amount with in 5 days.

yes thats right just like the old days, i charged what i thought was right and got paid in 5 days. you would have a hard time convincing me that this entire TPA system causes all the problems, and not the insurance companies.

i had forgotten how much different billing used to be, before TPAs.

just like momma in the waterboy said, TPAs are the devil.

Re: reminder that state farm might not be the devil

Yes, we are not on metrix. when this first started we got paid from the farm in 5 days. Now they have changed the rules again and even though we are not on lynx, or metrix we wait for a month or 6 weeks and are still forced to accept network rates and we aren't on the %*$&&*$ crap. It otta be illegal!

Re: reminder that state farm might not be the devil

Agreed 100% .

Re: reminder that state farm might not be the devil

we added a terms box on all invoices and we have a 10 day term for all insurance /tpa companies.Also at the bottom in the disclaimer we added some fancy words saying if payment is not recieved by the tenth day it will be turned over to collection and reported to Experian credit agency . We get all payment with in 10-12 days depending on our mail man. Of course we are not on any networks and we bill at our rates . (maybe thats why we get our money as quick as we do.

Re: reminder that state farm might not be the devil

can you post the wording from your invoice i would like to see this...

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