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Lynx Stynx - Dirty Tricks?

We frequently have this problem with Lynx:

We call in with a customer to set a claim, and they are "too busy." But, they have time to take the insured's info, vehicle, repair info, etc, but they don't have time to give us a claim number.

They tell us they will call us back later with a claim number, but they never do. We have to get the customer back on the phone and do set claim all over again.

I don't know if this is a way to harrass us (we are a non-O and A shop) or if they are trying to steer our customers when we are not on the phone with them, or what.

Anybody else experience this? Any ideas what they are up to?

Re: Lynx Stynx - Dirty Tricks?

Just Lynx? What about SGC net? They make Lynx look like choir boys.

Re: Lynx Stynx - Dirty Tricks?

yep, but more with safelite

Re: Lynx Stynx - Dirty Tricks?


I have a question why do you not electronically via the WWW or glaxis in your claim to LYNX? They have claim launch for a few companies on the web.. It makes it really simple..

Re: Lynx Stynx - Dirty Tricks?

cause john sends his invoices via smoke signals

Re: Lynx Stynx - Dirty Tricks?

haha. We are not on the network, so I don't think Glaxis is an option. Plus, if you support Glaxis, you are supporting PPG, which owns Lynx, which is screwing every glass company in the industry.

Re: Lynx Stynx - Dirty Tricks?

I respect your opion on lynx, however I disagree that there ruining the industry.

You know why there is speed limits? To stop out of control cars on the highway. You might bill a legit rate to insurance companies.. but its the guys driving 120 mph down the road that cause the "speed limits" to be put in place.. mabey you only did 60... Not everyone runs a legit business. and unfortunately it has brough the industry to this need for networks.

Re: Lynx Stynx - Dirty Tricks?

If the insurance industry started the networks,then i might have to agree with bachman.BUT; they did'nt.It was started by a glass company looking for a way to kiss some butt and get the majority of the work.So i have to disagree with you bachman.
Glass is not a commodity that i know of yet. I do not get the same customer needing a w/s replaced a couple of times a month,every month.

Re: Lynx Stynx - Dirty Tricks?

Vt That is a good answer and i respect that.

Re: Lynx Stynx - Dirty Tricks?

So what is the solution. I have been working on the problem for two years and I think I have come up with a solution when I have it edited I will post it and send you all the link. Remember 10.5 million consumers is a bunch.

Re: Lynx Stynx - Dirty Tricks?

Larry, you sound to me like a typical POLITIAN, you talk out both cheeks at the same time,,, sorry just my humble opinion!

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