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'05 nissan 350z 2d/cp.

never did one of these yet. any tips?
moulding,setting blk. ect. thanks.

Re: '05 nissan 350z 2d/cp.

This one is involved. Usual Nissan 2 piece upper mld. If you can't save the outer one removing the inner's 2 face tape is time consuming. Get a new one just in case. You have to pull door seals and retainers to remove side pieces. The retainers that hold the sides on are weak you will break a few. You know what they say about the memory it's the 15 or 17 thing to go I can't remember which. HTH

Re: '05 nissan 350z 2d/cp.

pull door seals off they use dble sided tape and a weird white clip at bottom of mldg. remove screws, remove panel at rear of upper door and remove screw located there, leave metal strip on moulding, moulding also has push in clips use dr panel tool, or just grab an edge and carefully pull up. cowl has 3 or 4 10mm bolts, 2 under removeable covers,other 2 toward middle of lower lip, remove retaining clips and remove cowl, washer hose is connected on pass side. really not to bad to do but lots of plastic take your time first time after that it's easy.

Re: '05 nissan 350z 2d/cp.

we usually order new dealer moldings... we went to do one the other day, had the craziest doors on it you have ever see looked like they were switchblades... the things people do to there cars... we all need to be in the aftermarket accessories business.

Re: '05 nissan 350z 2d/cp.

I hate cars without framed windows.. my wife has one what a pos!

Re: '05 nissan 350z 2d/cp.

So how did it turn out? And I wish this board allowed you to post pictures...

Re: '05 nissan 350z 2d/cp.

That would be cool if we could I have a 57 Chevy truck with Lambo doors i re-did would like to post a picture of it here...

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