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This forum is a public forum. It is intended to be used by adults in the auto glass and related industries as a means of sharing information and communicating with one another. All are welcome to post in accordance with the rules set forth in the thread at the top of the page. For now on - anyone who attacks someone verbally with insults or snide comments will be warned once. I also think its best if no one discusses pricing or announces what they are charging. Lets try and keep things on a peaceful, adult level. Thanks, eh.

Re: Listen Up

i think in any wide open forum, you always get those 10 percent that try to ruin things for everybody else.

i am just glad you are here, a certain other forum who only allows use of the full name is a ghost town because they are afraid to have their name associated with their views. i just checked and the last post there was on june 16th, so i really appreciate this forum.

with a certain amount of percieved "privacy" here, being able to use "handles" allows people to be more open and speak their minds, and share ideas. the 10 percent is just something that goes with the "free" sharing of ideas.

Re: Listen Up

The problem is your basic premis is flawed. You are assumeing shop owners are adults. WE will never grow up. LONG LIVE PETER PAN

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