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2006 ford cab over

looking for a nags part # for a ford lcf model cab over .. low cab forward. ican get the ford # but i can,t find a nags # thanks..............

Re: 2006 ford cab over

do you mean a sterling?

Re: 2006 ford cab over

This was interesting to chase down. I hadn't even heard of one of these yet, and wondered if this was a followup of the Ford Cabover rumors that were to sport the Ford V10. Not so it seems.

Ford made a joint venture with Navistar and called it the Blue DIamond truck company LLC. The truck is built at Navistars plant in Mexico, and has a Navistar V6 turbo diesel engine. I would wonder what Ford's contribution was in this "joint" venture other than Ford emblems?

I'm in much more of a "F Series" market, but still wondering why I haven't seen one of these in use from the fleet type accounts, seeing that I'm pretty much in Ford country here.

So, the Ford LCF series sure "looks" the same as the Navistar CF series, judging from just pictures, so my best guess at this point would be a DW1615GBY.

Let us know more info as you find it, for future reference. And thank goodness for NAGS, without whose complete and comprehensive vehicle lookup database, this would have been (should have been) easy to just punch in "2006 Ford LCF" and have an answer. The truck's only been out there for two years now... (Let's see, how much was that last update, again...?)

Re: 2006 ford cab over

ford part#6e7z-2003100-A. i,ll check on the navistar part in the a.m,, thank you both for your help.......

Re: 2006 ford cab over


Re: 2006 ford cab over

it is a glued in shield. i called a navistar dealer today , no call back yet .. ford dealer could not confirm if they are the same shield. it is a guardian glass..... thanks again.

Re: 2006 ford cab over

Mark K,

I might have a fleet account buying some of these here, they tried Sprinters but they couldn't handle the work load, so they are thinking about these or GMC. I am checking into comparative replacement glass costs for them.

What did you finally confirm on yours as to the NAGS part #?

Re: 2006 ford cab over

its a DW 1615 same as an International CF500

Re: 2006 ford cab over

it was a dw 1615..did the job yesterday. no problems. just took forever for the paper work.. thank you all for your help.

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