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VIN Etching Of Windshield

Glassbytes has an interesting article on VIN etching windshields as a way to deter theft.

Does anyone do this as a service to their customers? How much do you charge for it?

Does anyone know of any kits out there to make it quick and easy for the installer?

Re: VIN Etching Of Windshield

We offer it.Most customers dont really want it.If they do we charge 75.,its very easy to do.You get the vin #s printed off of a vinyl lettering machine,very small though.Then you get acid(there is a couple different kinds)and tape off the outside of the lettering(so you dont ruin anything else)and brush on the acid.let it sit for 2 or 3 min and your done.easy.

Re: VIN Etching Of Windshield

rat: I thought you're in rural Wisconsin? Lots of theft there? (after the taverns close?)

Re: VIN Etching Of Windshield

Any vehicle we replace that has vinetch we replace it. The customer will loose their security discount on their insurance if you don't. Plus the insurance co. reimburses us and it's good money. If people want vinetch on a vehicle to get the discount we also do that. I charge 75.00 for four glasses and 10.00 each for anymore than that. I use a computer to do mine and acid. Not all vinetch is the vin no. some are a code.

Re: VIN Etching Of Windshield

Nice glassgod,Your right though.After bar time all the stuff happens,lots of drunks here in central wis.

Re: VIN Etching Of Windshield

Hey there are alot of drunks in milwaukee to,awsome!I know a few techs down there that do a good job of it,Not saying thats bad,it just comes with the territory here in wis!Hope you guys are busy,I personaly think wis is a tough market.

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