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True wholesale prices

We are from a glass shop in New Zealand. Have started looking at what the wholesale rates of glass in different regions of the World are. Can someone please give me an indication of what you pay per piece or by truckload price of glass simular to the following.

We are also battling the Belron's and feel we can learn much from you and share ideas in the future.

Re: True wholesale prices

Nowe there's a good idea. Let's post our products costs for the insurence industry, our customers and the rest of the world to see! -NOT!

Re: True wholesale prices

Sorry, forgot to mention E-mail rather than posting.

My work E-mail is

My E-mail at Home is

I am genuine and are happy to phone you.

Re: True wholesale prices

I am curious, I wonder how costs are in other parts of the world. And I noticed you used NAGS #'s. Do you use nags in your country? I wonder if NAGS is used world wide? As far as prices go I haven't had a chance to check on the prices of the pieces you asked about. And before anyone gets bent out of shape,,,, the ins co's already know our costs better that alot of us know them!!!! lynx and sgc certainly know the costs and since they do so does the insurance industry! I'm also certain if I price the parts from 3 or 4 wholesalers I will get different prices from each one.

Re: True wholesale prices

We are a county of 4 million people. The 3 wholesalers are all in Auckland City, which is the largest city with 1 million people. The discounts for front windscreens vary from 48% to 60 % of the list price. It is difficult to sell to cash customers at the list price, because everybody sells below the list price. A small range of door glass, quaterlites and backlites is only carried by one wholesaler with a fixed discount of 30% of a list price that varies from over inflated to underpriced. The only other entity that carries windscreens and tempered glass is our favorite Belron owned company. They are referred every insurance job, are overworked, don’t have all the glass and often leave customers without the glass for three weeks. Yet the insurance companies still continue sending their customers there, even with so many competitors in the market place.

As for your question regarding NAGS numbers. New Zealand does not use them. However there is a company called NAGS (NZ) Ltd, but their numbers are different to NAGS. We have used NAGS numbers to help identify glass purchased overseas. Recently we have purchased 6420 new pieces of tempered glass. Mostly green and bronze glass. Some dark grey privacy tint glass has been purchased, but this is difficult due to quantities required to be purchased for manufacturing. By stocking our own glass it helps us compete with our favorite competitor, so the customer doesn’t have to wait 3 weeks. Maybe the insurance companies will take notice how we are another option and sometimes a better one.

I see USA also has dark privacy tint in many models. Can you buy privacy tint glass from your wholesalers ?

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