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one man bands

What kind of #s are considered good for a one man shop in a year?Over 200,000 300,000.I am just trying to get ideas.

Re: one man bands

I don't think 1 man shows are very popular out here. Are you looking for gross totals? And remember gross is pretty gross. I do not believe in todays market and the eroded pricing out there a single guy with a truck could do anywhere near of what you are speaking. Unless you can dig up all the low paying jobs and work about 80-90 hours per week & 7days per week. and are you talking just auto glass and/or repairs also? and then there's flat glass. We are doing more flat than auto because of the steering by lynx and sgc. Even if you have a shop and can do 135k to 180k in gross sales, you'll probably only clear clean profit of about 15-20k and work your behind off. Auto glass has very little profit at todays dictated rates. Residential, and flat has alot better profit margins. good luck to ya!

Re: one man bands

not to be negative or anything, but, flat glass profits are not what autoglass profits used to be in the 1980's. i don't believe flat glass contains the total answer to the dilema either. i always had the impression it takes balance, although i'm not trying to sound like the karate kid.

Re: one man bands

i see alot more profit than $15-20k per year, it depends on your market though we are in a d market but we buy all of our glass from ppg in an a market so we get a pretty good discount because i dont think my rep realizes what we can charge,pilkington and others can't get anywhere close to what ppg sells to me for. the advantage is you don't have to pay workers comp for yourself or fica just your quarterly self-employment tax. i do around 500-700 windshields per year. i do all my work mobile just have a van and a three car garage to keep my glass in. but i also have a lot of return customers and referals. my dad owned a shop with 4 installers for 35 years and finally sold to harding in the early nineties, he never put as much money in his pocket as i do. there is too much overhead in a shop with employees especially with all the benefits you have to provide.

Re: one man bands

my biggest fear bqa, was that when i was ready to retire, all i would have to sell is a bag of worn out tools.

i'm not sure what the best thing is to do, one guy can probably survive the way you are doing, and like you said you make more than your dad, but i got to the point where i figured i wasn't building for the future, if i didn't have anything to sell when i retire?

Of course when i was doing all that thinking, pricing was different than now, now i am satisfied to survive if possible, till i retire. ha ha

Re: one man bands

hafta remember if the one-man operation gets hurt, income stops, so get good insurance.

Re: one man bands

Only autoglass,one man,one van,one physical location and two satelite shops.

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