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buying shops

Have any of you guys had anydody from belron or stores bought by them ask you if you are intrested in purchasing your shops?I have heard of a few guys that this has been going on.I just wonder if it is true.

Re: buying shops

At the NGA show in Tucson last month, Lubner (CEO of Belron) said, to paraphrase, "you build 'em & I'll buy 'em".

Belron's intent in the U.S. is no mystery. They will but companies with market significant presence and assets.

Sorry tailgaters, that doesn't include you. Your exit strategy is still to do work so cheap (while not understanding your costs) that you run yourself right out of business. Keep up the good work!

Re: buying shops

I have been getting calls for about 2 months and I tell them I am not interestd. They wont ever tell me who they are or what co. is interested. I did not have a call this week, they must of found someone to buy.

Re: buying shops


Re: buying shops

XXX Let me know where you are and we can work a deal.

Re: buying shops

sometimes i wish it was that easy.

only problem is, i bet you wouldn't get blue sky, just inventory if you were lucky.

then what would you do? i couldn't just sit around all day.

Re: buying shops

I too wish it was that easy! I'm in rural Minn. one of the best lakes area in the state. post your e-mail and I'll think about it.

Re: buying shops

Would that be in the brainerd lakes area?

Re: buying shops

How's the musky fishing?

Re: buying shops

Just about straight west of Brainerd, next best batch of lakes. Don't do any musky fishin, but walleyes and northerns are every where, and 1/2 pd sunnies and 3/4-2pd crappies can be found if you know where to look. Thats what I need more time to fish! Every hour fishin' adds a day on to your life ya know! We have the clearest water in the state here. most lakes have clarity of 7-12 ft. One lake down the road has 26 ft clarity. They do alot of scuba diving there. It's way coool, like a big swimmin pool, but man that water is cold,, brrr.

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