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helping out

I was just wondering what you guys think of this.I have tried to get several ind shops to get into group buying in my area(they are all not competeing with eachother)to be blwn off every time.I have even tried to help them out in anyway that I can.This way we can help eachother out instead of competing against eachother.It is unbelievable how it seems many of these guys would rather spit on us than try to take advantage of this.I am a small shop that realizes that us small guys need to stick together in ways to over come some of difficulties in this ind.I have offered to help set glass and other things for free,but they want nothing to do with it.Is there anybody desent left out there,or am i just way to nice!

Re: helping out

Most industries are like that it is dog eat dog, I to will help other shops out from time to time if they need a part or a hand, but they would never get togather for purchasing power they don't want the competition to know what they pay for glass

Re: helping out

I think it is very noble of you to help others. we also help our competion, body shops when they need something quick. I feel what goes around eventually comes around, and ya reap what ya sow, ect. I don't believe buying power is as large as it used to be. the distributors like the shops themselves have been beat right to the bottom of the barrel. We shop all our parts and supplies, sometimes we get a better price from ppg sometimes from Pilk. I don't believe the answer is in buying cheaper as it was years ago, today we are all buying at the bottom of fair and reasonable. the answer lies in getting paid properly for our work and goods from all our accounts be it cash, fleet, and ins. I'm seeing ins work at cheaper than our cash rates so it's time to push the ins co, and tpa's back up to real fair and reasonable, not to try to beat up our distributors or to group buy for 2 bucks cheaper for glass. BOTTOM IS THE BOTTOM AND I FOR ONE SEE WE ARE THERE!!!!

Re: helping out

so glassrat, what state are you in? and in metro or out state?

Re: helping out

wis,small towns.

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