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What kind of glass person are you?

As I watch these post I become more and more curious about a few things. No judgement about your answers from me just trying to understand the knowledge level and experience of others on the board.

1. Are you and owner or an employee?
2. How long have you been in the AGR business?
3. Is glass your main income source or secondary to something else?
4. Do you feel that it is OK to discuss costs( in dollar figures) on a public forum like this?
5. How many years of glass experience does the most qualified person in your company have?

Just trying to get a better grasp of the other people on this board.

Re: What kind of glass person are you?

By the way,
I am an owner, been in the business for over 17 years now. It is my primary source of income. I do not let anyone know my cost of goods sold or my cost of daily operations. I feel that this is confidential information.

Re: What kind of glass person are you?

Have you ever head of LYNX/PPG? They know exactly what each market is paying around the country for glass and accesories. Same for SGC and most networks. General Public doesn't read this so most of us aren't bothered to share pricing/costs, etc.

Re: What kind of glass person are you?

actually, years of experience don't help much in autoglass, you can take me who cut my teeth learning the butyl method with 780 and 781's, but keeping pace with all the changes is probably more important, as far as a good job. it all boils down the the individual.

i am an owner, although i am more like owned by the shop, (i hate to say that for fear of a glass dr. commercial), but i think that is the trap most of us probably fall into.

i don't care about pricing discussions, every geographic area has its own problems, i do find it interesting to learn about them though. i am always willing to learn a new way to try to stay profitable. (with the exception of a franchise).

i also would like to know more about people and their situations, i think talking about it would help everybody. if you can learn just one thing that helps, you are that much further ahead.

for instance, i would have never done this in the past, but i actually listened to a cassette tape on negotiation. it was recorded in the regan era, but the principles still apply, i was so amazed at the tricks salesmen have used on me, they were on the tape, and i have fallen for more than i care to admit.

Re: What kind of glass person are you?

Literally grew up in a glass shop. From age six up if I wasn’t in school I was in my Father’s shop. Personally in business over 35 years. Past experience helps but current knowledge is best. Silly to keep secrets. The only ones we keep in the dark are our allies. They are all the other independent AGR shops. Our nemesis the networks know more about our shops then we do. I am member of AGRSS and Long Island Glass Assoc.
I train my people and watch them closely for 1 year.
Auto glass is my main income. Customer satisfaction, neat, clean and quality installations are our focus.

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