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AAA ins.

Anyone have a direct # and or contact at AAA Ins? Having major problems with lynx and inconviencing and trying to steer our customer, bad mistake. any info will help asap. thank-you inadvance.

Re: AAA ins.

I have 866-222-5096 listed for them in Michigan

Re: AAA ins.

Which state?

Re: AAA ins.

Just did a AAA Insured's vech. yesterday. We had the insured pay us in full, and we faxed the bill for him to AAA...stating to pay the insured direct.

They (AAA) tried to have us bill to Gerber Group. With their rates...we couldn't do the work.

We explained to the insured that we only bill certain insurance companies, as #1, we don't get paid (we have to call and call inquiring about where our payment is, continually bug the network for payment.) #2, They (AAA) don't pay us fairly... is going to put us out of business, if we continue along that route. Luckily this was a repeat customer, who WANTED us to do the work.

To get the #, do a search on the web for AAA in your state. Also, the insured should have the phone # on his proof of ins. for claims. Hope that helps.

Re: AAA ins.

number on insurance car will be the TPA though........

Re: AAA ins.

We are in MN. Just got the call from LYNX, The customer had made 4 again I say 4 calls to these ^&^$%%^! buggers. the # on his card was of course for lynx. The customer chewed out the csr pretty good before I got on the line. They at least did not try to ask or demand a discount from nags, but the worst labor I have seen. I told them they were about $15.00 per nags hour under where our CASH jobs start. Western wishes is on the right track. HAve customer pay cash and fax it in for them, to be reimbursed. Our sales rep from Pilk. was in today, informed us most of the Dakota's are going to all cash market as the ins co's have upped the deductables to $500. Thanks all for the responses. We accepted the bad labor job but will keep fighting for better pricing and NO DISCOUNTING. Some days it feels like WAR! keep up the good fight all!

Re: AAA ins.

And thanks glasssgod for the # we will put it in our data base .

Re: AAA ins.

You're welcome......time to go drink a cool one.

Re: AAA ins.

FYI, AAA insurance has a auto glass shop in Rhode Island.

Re: AAA ins.

The person in charge of glass for MN and WI is Pat Wolika her number is 248-948-0251. I have worked with her the last couple years on problems, she is very fair and easy to work with. Good luck!

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