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Nags Slider pricing

Excuse me for the ignorance. New to the industry, but how would one find the Nags list parts on all Back Slider parts. ex. DY90004...etc. Thanks so much, and hopefully will lighten the discussion a little.

Re: Nags Slider pricing

NAGS does not provide pricing for aftermarket glass parts like sliders, truck cap glass and the like. Try looking up the OEM list or list for the NAGS part number.

Re: Nags Slider pricing

Be prepared to show your cost to the insurance companies.
Any glass vendor should have a chart showing their list prices on the aftermarket sliders.

Re: Nags Slider pricing

Most of the time you are better off ordering the NAGS and installing it as the Ins. co. will only pay 20-25 % over cost so you are better off in most cases to install just what came out of the vehicle! Then you also have the NAGS hrs for the install

Re: Nags Slider pricing

KB, you said: Be prepared to show your cost to the insurance companies.

Respectfully, and borrowing a cliche from a bumper sticker I saw once:

"I will give up my invoice showing my cost to insurers or networks when they pry my cold dead fingers from around it."

Also, when asked for any POP, our reply is "The customer's address is on the invoice, I assume their vehicle is located there. You may check for the installed parts at your convenience. In the meantime, you have our customer's signature on our invoice accepting the work performed, providing proof of loss and verification of work performed, so you may either formally accuse me of fraud, or pay the bill within our state's requirements on timely payment of claims. Pick one."

Re: Nags Slider pricing

Bravo Mark!!!! Show them nothing...

Re: Nags Slider pricing

Thanks Mark, I was not able to find the right words to that post, except how uderly stupid it is to give your own business info out. VERY WELL PUT!

Re: Nags Slider pricing

Did the insurance company pay the invoice? Do you mind telling me the insurance company? I would love to try this!!!!

Re: Nags Slider pricing

Just did it again today with Safelite on an OEM part. It is NO business of ANY network or insurer what I pay for parts.

They have NO authority to tell me what my markup is or should be.

They have NO authority to settle claims based on this information in any state that I have read the laws for.

Your proprietary business information is YOUR PROPRIETARY BUSINESS INFORMATION, no one elses.

This POP game is simply another reason for delay of payment, and for the network and insurers to get to know what your gross profit on parts is. They have NO right to do this. Anyone that gives it to them freely is foolish to say the least in my opinion.

Ironically, the one I referenced today that Safelite wants POP for: We obtained the OEM part (the customer INSISTED on OEM) at a reasonable price, and billed the part for LESS than OEM list price, and still at a comfortable markup for the net priced part. So, why are they asking for my POP? CERTAINLY not because we were too EXPENSIVE.....OH and one other thing...funny how on THIS claim, Safelite didn't service this area, or so the customer was told...gee, a net priced part netting at over double what NAGS list is...and Safelite suddenly dosen't service this area...what a coincidence.....

Of course, Hal will assure me that this type of thing does not happen with the gold standard of the glass biz.....

Bottom line South Pine, the insurer does not matter, the network does not matter. THe only thing that MIGHT matter is if you signed a contract saying that you would give them your POP. Consider what you signed if you did, kudos for being smarter than most if you didn't.

This analogy has been used before: Go into a restaurant, dine, and refuse to pay the bill until you get to see the restaurant's cost of goods they fed you . See how far you get out the door, IF you get out the door, before the police cuff and stuff you. Why is this different?

It's only another one of the delay tactics, with icing (your proprietary biz info) that benefits your direct competitors, or the insurers, NEVER you.

Hal, you are welcome to tell me I am wrong, but be prepared to tell me WHY I am wrong.

Re: Nags Slider pricing

I am pretty sure insurance does not cover restaurant meals. If it did, there would be rampant fraud as there is in the automotive repair industry, ie., charging for butter when none was served. (Ask DT about that). That is simply the truth and simply why insurers require POP. I have no problem providing that, and if we can't make a "comfortable" profit, we refuse the job. That is just the reality of large market auto glass.

Re: Nags Slider pricing

The insurance companies know what you pay, it is no secrete. Most top tier insurance companies utilize staff analyst to contact and work with manufacturers and tier A distributors. The analyst conduct average field price queries very regularly.

If you think your POP is really that guarded, think again. Just because you don't give it up doesn't mean they already don't have a pretty good idea as to what you paid.

Pick the jobs that will give you honest and respectable gross profit margins and don't treat the insurance companies like a pay day and all will be good.

Re: Nags Slider pricing

Gang, if they knew what we pay, WHY would they be asking for POP UNLESS it is a DELAY tactic, as I mentioned?

And, how exactly would they know? Because someone (many someones) is telling them.

Proprietary info is NOT the point, it's the reason to say NO.

And what difference does it make that insurance does not pay for restaurant meals? I hate to break this to you, but insurers DO NOT PAY FOR REPAIRS, they pay to INDEMNIFY policyholders for LOSS. You have NOT been hired by any insurer to do any job, the car owner hired you, meaning you have a duty to them first and foremost.

Just ask any insurer or network if they are contracting with your shop FOR REPAIRS. See what answer you get. Show me in any network contract where they are hiring you to do repairs to cars.

Now, to 'reality' of any market, I get your point. I'm just saying that the only reason that it is working this way is because shops ALLOW IT TO WORK THIS WAY.

Re: Nags Slider pricing


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