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MAX inducer

Has anyone had experence using the Inducer MAX? The ad shows a back glass out in 6:02 min. Resease at the steel, looks like the paint may stick to the urethane some times. Is it practal for $1400.00?

Re: MAX inducer

you know, the inducer question continues to come up here. we had a dodge sliding backglass that gave us a little trouble.

i think the magazine should buy one of these things and let somebody who don't know what they are doing with the thing, like me, and do an article on it. i am really interested in seeing if it is the real thing. i just don't want to spend the money if i am going to torch a bunch of vehicles.ha ha

Re: MAX inducer

I cant imagine heating the metal to the release point is a good idea (e-coat primer etc will be compromised), also bubbling of paint and the life of the tool (they just burn up) have come into discussion before.

I am interested talk it up ..

Re: MAX inducer

After I posted this I looked at a back door he removed the urethane from , it looks like the primer did not pelease just the pant but this is one area that bothers me too.

Re: MAX inducer

I had a demo in my shop with this thing, and I can tell you it is better suited for junk yards. It did strip the ecoat off of the ford van we tried it on, and as far as saving time, I think a good tech could do it faster with the standard tools. Like I said it would be good for salvage yards trying to save the glass out of a junked car though.

Re: MAX inducer

funny how essex basically taught us at the certification regarding adhesives and "used" previouulsy installed urethane set glass was good for one thing (the trash can)

Adhesive manufacturers seem to not want to pay any liability towards the use of these parts although money saving for sure,thay will have you carry all the liability and since you are certified then you admit that you know its a bad idea to use used .

Whats the agrss say on used ?>

Re: MAX inducer

In fairness to the adhesive manufacturers, the issue is that a 'used' piece of glass is an incredibly huge variable when calculating the adhesive 'formula' of procedures and products for any given installation.

I understand their lack of commitment. When dealing with new glass, you have a relative constant, and even that has had it's issues. (contamination)

It's a minefield that I don't want to enter either.

As to the inducer, I would want written documentation from the manufacturer that it will not damage the E-coat, (at least when properly used) and I would want OEM endorsement from at least one car manufacturer stating that its use conforms to thier stationary glass replacement procedures.

Until then, it scares me. But yes, I know a few salvage yard operators that just love it, and they could care less about the body. It has got to be better than some of them that use oil as a cutting lube with conventional tools. (lol)

Before anyone asks, we only install used parts on sides and windshields. I will consider exceptions in cases of positive OEM previous installations, or positive previous installations of our own. That way we can be sure what was used before.

Re: MAX inducer

good points, time will tell more. I was thinking it would be great for yards, back and side glass would be easy.

Re: MAX inducer

Re: MAX inducer

Remember the toxic fumes being given off as you burn these chemicals. I for one do not want to breathe these in and possibly effect my health down the road.

Re: MAX inducer

Remember the toxic fumes your breathing in at the bodyshop you installing the glass. These things are the best invention on modular glass, if done right.

Re: MAX inducer

Another point of view,customer wanted r&r on kia.W/s when door shut would pop up.Factory China glass,should I r&r or replace.I replaced,if urethane did not take to frit why takeliabilty chance.Some used parts are all rightr,but if you heat a glass until urethane seperates from body what have you done to ceramic frit?Saw demo on same,electricity to point can burn interior not good.Only my opion.

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