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How many Whimpy's do you get?

By Whimpy's I mean, like the Popeye cartoon. "I will gladly pay you tuesday for a hamburger today". I get 10 or 15 a week. They come in get a price quote, 2 days later they come back to have me order the glass, then tell me they want to pay for the job the next week or they will pay half when the job is done then the rest next week. I ask them if they went ANYWHERE else and got a product.... groceries, tools, clothes.... And add the service part, labor, time and everything that goes along with it, how many places let them walk out with the goods. They look at me with a blank stare and go into some story(wasteing even more time)about their medical bills or how "I" need to just send the bill to someone that has no account with us.
Just wondering!

Re: How many Whimpy's do you get?

ZERO....Ask for form of payment at time appointment is set, credit card or cash for down payment if a special/dealer order.

Re: How many Whimpy's do you get?

In God we trust all others pay cash! Except for the mighter than God Insurance companies pay what they want and when they want

Re: How many Whimpy's do you get?

So you guys dont have ANYONE even ASK for something this stupid? Geeesss! I got to move out of this area. They come in here all the time AND expect me to do it. LOL Like it would happen anyway. Oh! We also get the ones that say, "AINT IT A STATE LAW THAT SAYS YOU HAVE TO FIX MY W/S IF IT'S BROKE"."FOR FREE". AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH! I want to slap them sometimes. LOL

Re: How many Whimpy's do you get?


Yes, we get them, but most are up front, and I find that they are the honest ones. Meaning they tell me up front that they want to make payments, and I adjust the price accordingly depending on the time frame they want.

The ones that forget to mention that they want to make payments until AFTER the work is done, well, that's different.

Amusingly, I understand many collision shops are holding cars until the insurer has paid the bill, and don't allow any form of payment save for a cashier's check. Seems that some insurers would send a check to get the customer's car out of the shop, then stop payment on it.

The insurers like to accuse the shop of "holding the car hostage". Interesting statement coming from the entity that's either short paying, or not paying, the bill.

Another "Too Funny".

I suppose it's like how Hal says that when the consumer submits the bill, his company pays it, but when the shop submits the bill, it's different.

Gee, I wonder why that is? Some would call a shop's bill PROOF OF LOSS. Seems Hal has a different method depending on who hands it to him, his customer, or Safelite.

Sorry to get off-topic, but I thought it tied in. Money is money, no matter who "Whimpy" is, IMHO.

Re: How many Whimpy's do you get?

Yes we run into it sometimes but we explain,"we do glass, if you need cash see a BANK". The only way we take payments is,,, when you have it paid for we will get it done! The main whimpies we get are the tpa's and ins co's that will gladly short pay ya next month or 2 for w/s install today!!!!!!!!!!

Re: How many Whimpy's do you get?

What a business we're in.... I love it when a dealership calls you to tell you he's ordered parts for a customer. That he's going to bill me for them via a fax; and that we should bill the customer that ordered them for parts and labor. Even though they don't want to bill them for fear they won't get paid...... AND THEN get all hacked off because we insist on his customer calling us so we can do a credit check.........Good Grief Charlie Brown!!!!

Re: How many Whimpy's do you get?

We also get the customer that wants us to cut down the w/s that they ordered for their job. When we drive 25 to 45 miles to do the w/s it turns out to be the back glass. The customer then tells us "WELL, IT'S THE BACK W/S! Just cut down what ya brung and get er done!" HA!

Re: How many Whimpy's do you get?

We even have had some peoople who are so ballsy that they just tell our tech (after he arrives) that they are only going to pay, say, none or only 1/2 of their deductible and if we don't like it we can take our glass and go away.

Re: How many Whimpy's do you get?

Do you tell the tech to do just that...take the glass and leave? Hear in Ky we dont have the deductable problem, but been burned to many times by the cash customer.

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