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Harmon & sales Tax

It's about time some state finally caught up with Harmon, and is forcing them to change thier policy. In Minn. effictive June 1, shops will collect sales tax AGAIN. And as far as sgc's new contract,,, anyone accepting this turd,,,, well,,,,, IS THE PROBLEM! And in my book doesn't deserve to be in this industry! When are enough shops going to say, "ENOUGH"?????? EGADD, IT'S SO VERY SAD! If more shops cannot stand on thier own and get THIER jobs themselves,, then this industry is DEAD! Come on network shops,, climb out of the comma,,, please, for the good of the entire industry!

Re: Harmon & sales Tax

Making $317.30 on a Safewrong job today...I'll take that any day.

Re: Harmon & sales Tax

I hear ya glasssgod, if you can have a PROFIT, of 300 or so it's probably worth taking. We will NOT go on thier contract , but we will take jobs that are PROFITABLE, and we turn down the one's that are not! Congarts to you when they "LET" you have a profitable job! GOOD LUCK!

Re: Harmon & sales Tax

How much did the glass cost you on the $300 profit job?

E.g., if you've got to invest $600 in the glass to make $300, well, what if you have a situation where you end up having to eat the $600 piece of glass? Don't say it never happens!

Re: Harmon & sales Tax

207.00, it's a doorglass from Pilkington and is in and the car is running down the road. We've never eaten a 600.00 glass part. Maybe a dashboard or painting a roof every couple of years.

Re: Harmon & sales Tax

Shop-owner, I made the initial call to the MN DOR and have been working with them for months. Where did you hear that they made a ruling and will start enforcing this scam?

Re: Harmon & sales Tax

We also sent e-mails to the state and never heard anything but this morning got a fax from Harmon Solutions, stating in mn as of tommorrow, june 1st shops will be paid the tax from harmon and must pay the state the way it's supposed to be. Has no-one else gotten the fax??? I wonder about jobs that have been done up to this point,,,, I think we may only have a couple anyway hmmmm.

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