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David J. Burns

Sir, Thank you for sending your letter to the N.Y. Legislature, but please use spell check. It would make for more professionality.

Re: David J. Burns


Oh! I write this as I laugh aloud!

You suggest more "professionality". That's not even word in the english language, guy!

Forget spell-check, perhaps you should dig out your Dick & Jane dictionary!

Re: David J. Burns

JB: Looks like from your previous post you do not know "were" from "where". As for attacking me for spelling something wrong, seems to me you were against that not so long ago. What changed?

"My company operates in multiple markets and we do not have most of the issues I see so much whining about here on this "poor me" forum.

It's all the blaming, finger pointing and attacks that will keep the complainers right were they are; right were they belong". (Quote from JB)

Re: David J. Burns

Plus I was drinking whilst I typed.

Re: David J. Burns

With a screen name like "GLASSGOD", why would anybody be so foolish as to point out the fact that you're making up words as you go. Are you related to Jesse Jackson?

I just thought it was funny, guy. That's all. As you suggested the use of spellcheck, you obviously didn't use it yourself.

You may want to consider laying off the sauce! Your business is still in the toilet when/if you sober up.

Re: David J. Burns

Knock it off guys,come on!

Re: David J. Burns

You're right, who.

My bad. We shouldn't pick.

Re: David J. Burns

If 26% increase in sales YTD is "in the toilet", please keep flushing. That's how we afford the adult beverages.

Re: David J. Burns

I don't understand Glassgod, you say your soo busy yet you post messages on this board all-day long!

Re: David J. Burns


Re: David J. Burns


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