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Computing a cash price

I have a question, what are you guys doing under the new nags, for shops that always did like list - 75% +10 labor.. how do you figure it now. I never changed as i always did a cost + i am curious to how the rest of the industry changed..

Re: Computing a cash price

I think the reason nobody is answering you is because most of the shops on here are guilty of "PRICE HACKING", I personaly have never priced out lower then what I would want to make & 9 out of 10 times I get the work because of my reputation & work ethics. My system always starts with nags list+ what other labor is required. I believe the only way that the big companys can monopolize the market is to make you believe that they are stronger for there numbers & they believe that lowering one number to increase the other is more. We all need to show the industry what we are worth & not what they want us to be worth. I honestly have no competion. All my accounts laugh at what the large companys offer for they all have seen what the big companys can't do. If the brainiac in let say safelite head quarters came out to visit do you think he would know what to look for when you are installing? I personaly knew some of those people from the big companys & boy could they make the numbers sing on paper! but when reality hits them in the pocket book they look to blame & the first people to get hit are on th e lower runge usually the installers for mistakes they made for rushing because they are expected to do more then what should be done professionaly. I could go on with all this but if your looking to get rich quick your in the wrong industry but if you want to be rich & understand the journey you will succeed!

Re: Computing a cash price

We go online, get our cost on glass, figure costs of accesories, etc, take into consideration how long it may take, mobile or in shop, what we need to continue growing, then quote it. NAGS has nothing to do with cash jobs nowadays.

Re: Computing a cash price

You actually took that post serious. Unbelievable

Re: Computing a cash price

Typical belron boy!doug!

Re: Computing a cash price

Do you actually think theres one ags for the whole country.

Re: Computing a cash price

chill pill doug

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