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2005 Honda Pilot headaches...

We recently intalled an AP Tech FW 2314 W/S into a '05 Honda Pilot.

We used Essex HV and a precision moulding.

The glass was set by 2 people, and after the set you have to pull the edges of the reveal moulding up to mimmick the factory look as it tends to be curled under.Thats where the trouble began for us, while doctoring up the edges of the moulding it appeared as though the **** thing was coming off the glass and low and behold it was!

I tried every thing I know to get the thing back on the glass, fiber sticks hook tool etc.. but no dice after cutting the backside down to try to glue it on it just became apparent that it was going to have to com eback out.

I pushed the glass out and with cups removed the glass oredered a new moulding as it was now cut used Contact cement to make sure it stayed on , ran a new bead and set it, well guess what it popped right off after like 3 mins of working that lip outwards (carefull as hell too) It just does not make any sense.

The short of this is has anyone else come across this as a problem and what id you do .

Re: 2005 Honda Pilot headaches...

Do NOT use Precision molding for the Pilot, only OEM. Oe's are about 10-12 bucks more but look how much time you have lost and $$$ by using un-Precision.

Re: 2005 Honda Pilot headaches...

Just about every Honda or Acura it pays to use a dealer molding we even use them on MDX even though the aftermarket glass only comes with the molding on it,most of them the moldings are falling off already the dealer moldings on most vehicles fit 1000% better!

Re: 2005 Honda Pilot headaches...

I've started running a small cap bead on the molding to keep it on. I haven't had any problems with moldings coming off since I started doing this. Just a suggestion.

Re: 2005 Honda Pilot headaches...

2006 ridgeline simalar problem . I took it back out and cut out the back lip to get it to go to the top.

Re: 2005 Honda Pilot headaches...

We only use oem mouldings on these. Huge difference. Never had any problems.

Re: 2005 Honda Pilot headaches...

If you do have to use a Precesion try using a heat gun to warm the moulding as you put it on the glass. That seems to help them seat onto the glass much better. Just something to try if you do not have an OE moulding available.

Re: 2005 Honda Pilot headaches...

All these do work unless you get a glass that is overlaid, glass not even on both sides,then no matter what the molding is,it is not going on or staying on.

Re: 2005 Honda Pilot headaches...

You really need to use an APTech and oem moulding on these. We have done many many due to warranty stress breaks from the factory. We haven't had an issue yet!

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