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Vaccuuming glass in Caravan Backglass

Any real world solutions to removong the broken glass bits from inside the liftgate of the Caravan/Town & Country? To put it mildly, access is limited and I can never get all the glass out. Thanks

Re: Vaccuuming glass in Caravan Backglass

Tip it upside down and shake it!!!! ha ha. These are really tough. even removal of entire panel doesn't give enough access to vacumm all the glass out. With the gate fully open sometimes you can shake the majority out. We just do our very best and explain to the customer that it is impossible to get every piece out. After a few wash board roads, railroad tracks it may get better! Check for any holes in bottom of door that you can work small ones out, or plugs that can be removed, and reinstalled. Not that we like this we just do our best,,, and sell the rest! good luck!HTH

Re: Vaccuuming glass in Caravan Backglass

Phred, what I have found when I cannot get all the glass out, is to squirt a little undercoating to keep what glass is left in the hatch from moving around.
Some techs may not like this idea. I have had no problems.

Re: Vaccuuming glass in Caravan Backglass

A lot of times if you have a compressor avalible blowing air does the trick you can even use the exhaust side of the vac but a compressor has more power make sure to wear safety glass as we all do!

Re: Vaccuuming glass in Caravan Backglass

yes take out the "plugs" and then pull the hatch half way down and blow it out with a air nozzle.. i use to do oem caravans that shipped as "new" and this was only way to get it out... a little lithium grease never hurt for the straglers

Re: Vacuuming glass in Caravan Backglass

I hear Equalizer is coming out with a glass magnet. Should solve this problem.

Re: Vaccuuming glass in Caravan Backglass

Remove drain plugs and shake it like a polaroid vacuum vacuum and explain to the customer in a perfect world dodge would have made the job a little easier.

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