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2005 F150 back window

anybody with info on replacement on a 2005 F150 powerback window. I have one coming in and i have looked at one before any tricks of the trade on this one...

Re: 2005 F150 back window

taking the seatback off is tricky, take the side interior trim panels off, remenber to take seat belt off. this is the tricky part, reach behind the seat back at the bottom about 8" or so, you need to locate a plastic seat retainer, it looks like a upside down JL release the catch being carful not to lift the seat back, this puts pressure on other side and makes it hard to release other side, you may have to use a screw driver or hook tool to get it to release. once you get that done seat back lifts up. the slider itself is not hard to replace, jut remember how you took it apart. good luck, once you get it apart you see how truely dumb this design is.

Re: 2005 F150 back window

if its a split back seat, it's a piece of cake.

Re: 2005 F150 back window

seems like we did one for the dealership, the had some bulletin about squeaks, from using to small of foam core butyl tape. they supplied us with a larger diameter kit, and that was the last we heard of it. it just bolts like usual.

Re: 2005 F150 back window

First on getting the back seat out. Here is a simplier way without as much tear down.

1. Pop the cover off the top of the center belt shoulder harness. It is right by the movable section of the backglass on top of the seat back. then remove the two metric 10 nuts and lift the cover off the seat back. If you do not do this FIRST it is hard to tell when the seat releases in the later steps i describe.

2. locate the u shaped metal bracket that is between the back section of seat and the bottom cushion that you sit on. I believe it is a clip to snap the lower section of child car seats to.
It is about 8 to 10 inches in from the outside edge of the seats. Slide your finger in bewtween the seats right over this bar but TOWARDS THE INNER PART OF IT(center of the truck). You should feel a SMALL hole in the foam of the seat back and if you reach in far enough yo can feel the large round metal bar that goes along the bottom of the seat back. That is the area that you have to reach in in the following step.
you are supposed to take a long(14 to 16 inch long,but 1/4" of less in diameter) screwdriver or similar tool and slide in over the top of the u shaped metal and over the round metal bar through the small opening in the foam and it will release the clips and the seat slides up. It does not take but a small amount of upward pressure for the seat to lift once you release the clip. After you release the clip sit the back of the seat out and I recommend you look at the design from the back of the seat while it is out, then it will seem so simple for the next one you do. Call me if have problems understanding this step. It seems complicated until you get it the first time.(580) 252-5939

3. remove the push in retainers that are holding the fabric cover on the back of the cab wall. You can usually then pull it up over the upper child restraint clips and pull it out of your way. This exposes the motor for the window.

4. pop the upper cover off above the shoulder harness areea of the rear seal belts. remove the 10mm bolt on each side.

5. remove the seat belt shoulder restraints on each side, two large torx(don't remeber exact size).
6. Unsnap the interior mouldings on each side and move them out of the way.
7. The glass itself unbolts just like the older body style with 9mm nuts and butyl.

8. where each cable for the power slider is mounted to the slider unit you can unhook it and remove the motor and cable assembly first. here are the steps for that.
a. make note of how the cables are routed.
b. if possible open the slider appx halfway.
c. where you see the braided cable become exposed out of the black cover in the slider unit you can put a slight pressure on the black cover away from the center of the slider. The black cover will slide appx 1/4" then you can lift it out of the slider unit to release the pressure on the cable. Next the cable ends can lift out of the holes where it mounts to the movable center section of the slider.
9. now you can remove the cables from under all the other items on the back wall of the cab without having to take them all loose.

Hope that provides enough help. If not call.(580) 252-5939 Shane

You can also use this procedure when replacing the motor and cable assembly for the ford dealers under warranty. We have done several of these for them.

Re: 2005 F150 back window

Do you need to still take out the back seat in the f150 that dose not have a power rear slider?? Is taking the rear seat out only for getting at the motor and things? I'm doing a normaly slider in the f150 and hoping that i don't have to take out the seat to get things off to get at the bolts around it. Thanks!

Re: 2005 F150 back window

last one we did, needed an impact wrench to get the stupid bolts loose...

Re: 2005 F150 back window

Yes you have to remove the seat to get to the nuts on the glass just like the older f150.
Bachman what nuts did you have to take off with impact?

Re: 2005 F150 back window

On the help I gave above. When you are trying to reach and release the clips to get the back of the seat loose, the bottom section of the seat has to folded down like how you would sit on it NOT FOLDED UP. Then you reach between it and the back piece. Had someone call me the other day for help. Finally realized they had the bottom seat folded up so they were not seeing what I thought they were seeing.

Re: 2005 F150 back window

We never remove the back seat on a new or old style ( unless its a power slider)we remove the seat belt cover (new style) so we can use a rachet wrench and you can have one of these bad boys done in about 20-30 minutes .If you buy these tools from Matco or Snap on the have the longer style wrench that makes it alot easier to get behind the seat.

On the old style the only time we remove a seat is to remove the plastic trim ,so a body shop can paint and we charge them for two pulls, one for glass one for frame.

Re: 2005 F150 back window

I have done that method of reaching down, but we can have the seat out of the way and run the nuts off with a cordless drill and be done quicker.

Question about that though. How do you remove and reinstall the interior side mouldings that go behind the seat and have push in clips behind the seat back(for access to the nuts down the side and to let the headliner down)?
Assuming you just let those clips break off and do not reinstall them. Not bashing you for it just wondering?

Re: 2005 F150 back window

We have never had any problems the way we do it . Fact we service 3 Ford dealears and thier body shops and we have never had one come back and never had any complaints from the dealers .

I'm think if you have a way you are confortible with than stick to it. The last one we done here took my tech 27 minutes to do from start to finish (including clean up and with out pulling the seat)

Re: 2005 F150 back window

i don't remove the seat either, it isn't really that bad i've done several never broke anything or had any problems.

Re: 2005 F150 back window

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