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zip code game

had a new one yesterday, had a customer come in the shop, did the work, then he decided he was going to run it through his insurance.

Guess i should have made him pay the bill, and turn it into his insurance. Anyway, i got a fax for him, and found out his zip code falls into an A area.

I had no idea, i guess if i am doing work for someone who lives east of town, i will have to tell my supplier so i can get a better price on the glass, since the insurance company won't pay the normal rate. ha ha like that would happen, even the insurance agent is on my side, but says he can't do anything about it.

i really need to stop being so helpful to the customer, i hope nobody is on vacation this summer and breaks a glass, i will have to get their zip code before i try to help them with their problem.

hindsight is 20/20 i guess, but that cost me about 40 bucks, and i sure didn't buy the materials any cheaper for that job than any other.

Re: zip code game

Where the customer lives has no bearing on pricing. Pricing is based off where the work is performed. If your shop is not in an "A" area call the tpa and get it changed.

Re: zip code game

Not true with Metryx, price is based on the consumers zip.

Re: zip code game

i actually got this changed.

the tpa told me that the dispatch was entered as a mobile job instead of in the shop. once they talked to the agent, who confirmed it was done in the shop, they switched it to its regularly scheduled price.

i didn't think i had a prayer.

Re: zip code game

it is based on where the job is done at, we had a customer the other day from northern florida, we did the work in northern california. went from 20 off to 2 off. i just told the customer we couldn't do it for those prices, he called his agent and we did the work

Re: zip code game

I agree, it's where the work is done. We have alot of vacationers, and people from all over. We get paid OUR rates,(the rates that are determined by tpa's that are supposedly based on population?) I should say the rates that are shoved down our throats by tpa's, But we fight it every day and monday the 10th we are pushing rates up to account for the increases in our products!!! The zip code game was I believe to combat the mobilers from going to the better rate areas and trying to scab all the work they could get.

Re: zip code game

I just did a windshield for my wife's grandma, she lives in an A market we live in a D market LYNX paid us our normal rate. We are on metryx and in the LYNX network and do most installs mobile, I haven't had them try to pay anthing different than normal yet.

Re: zip code game

My mistake. You are right, it is where the work is done not the other way around. Sorry..

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