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software users

we have been using ibs for about 5 years, and am tired of the inventory module screwing up, and how cumbersome the program is to make a small retail sale for a set of wiperblades for example. besides, it's so **** expensive for our 2 stores, $335/month

has anyone used/does anyone use the datatranz glass shop pro or central software?
if so, how hard is it to use?
what are it's good features?
what are its downfalls?


Re: software users

Can't comment to DataTranz. Using Mainstreet here, so far so good, but it's not "Quick-books" simple. It's powerful software.

I would have to say, that if I was setting up just auto, I'd have been done. I'm setting up flat also into the database, and building the inventory right down to screws and hardware. About 4000 items by the time I get done, and it's handling it well, so I assume auto only would be a breeze.

It's got tons of options, discount levels to customers by item only if you want, and a thorough bookkeepping package.

I didn't install the EDI package. I'll do that when I get some of those privacy guarantees that were discussed in another string.

Re: software users

We use quest,it seems to be the best for the money.It is also compatable with quick books.For your payables and receiveables,you can set up just about everything on both softwares.

Re: software users

I'm with edirectglass.

First, it is FREE. That's right I only paid for my two NAGS licenses. This means I only pay $300 per year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Inventory is very good and they are integrating with new suppliers every day so I can place orders without leaving the program.

eDirectGlass is not installed on my computers rather it is all on the internet. BONUS. I can access this anywhere plus everything is able to come to my local QuickBooks so my CPA has everything

I don't pay anything for EDI and I think they are the only company who offers free EDI. I am paying $1.70 per Lynx assignment and I look at it this way, I don't have to type anything in other than the work performed. That is worth $1.70 to me.

Before edirectglass I had GTS for years. I don't regret changing at all. My opinion, don't spend any more money until you at least take edirect for a spin. They let me try it out for 30 days and I signed up within 15. If you have any questions I'll try and answer them but just go to their website.

Re: Re: software users

Our company (3 stores) is switching as well. We figured the savings from no EDI fees and only having to pay for NAGS and it adds up to a lot of $$.

The free trial is cool and these people are smart about mobile and saving $$$ buying stuff online. I wish we had it live now as I could play catch up w/o having to drive to the store on Sunday AM.

Re: software users

I find with edirect new billing its going to cost me more then double when I first started with them. I have 30 days to decide what to do. I am getting billed for edi now with them, and then to pay 1.70 per claim. I must be missing something. also, its another $30. a month for the quick book feature.

Re: software users

we use quest software, and up until recently, were also using peachtree. i was familiar with peachtree, but found that it was not compatable with quest. therefore, i was having to double enter all of our edi invoices, first into quest, then into peachtree. recently, i found that if we use quickbooks, we can transfer all of our info directly from quest. i contacted quickbooks, and with the push of a few buttons, they were able to transfer all of my peachtree info into quickbooks. the only issue, now is entering all of our tax info and chart of accounts into quest. it is somewhat costly, quest is about $600/year, plus a fee of $249 for the quickbooks interface. quickbooks charges $299/yr for 24 hour customer support...(worth it to me, at least for the first year, since i am unfamiliar with the program). is there anyone else out there familiar with this way? if so, how does it work for you?

Re: software users


I know for a fact they do not charge for EDI because I am not being charged and as someone else here posted, all of the POS companies are charging for Lynx assignments because Glaxis charges them. $1.70 is cheap compared to some of the POS companies and I too will pay that amount to not have to retype the claim. If you have a problem with the Lynx assignment charges, I suggest you call Lynx or contact the editorial department of the magazines and tell them to do a story on it!!!!!!!

If you really believe you are being charged for EDI with edirectglass, which I am sure you are not, then contact their sales person Cheryl who helped me out and if you still believe you are being charged for EDI then call their owner can complain. You are on the gold edition of edirectglass, right?

Let us know,


Re: software users


I just called edirect and verified that no edirect customer is charged EDI, in fact anyone can back that up with their advertisement in AGRR.

And yes, their QuickBooks add-on is $30 per month but I challenge you to find that cheaper? Are you saying that is too much money to not have to double-enter data?

It is a excellent deal in that the offering is free. What more do you want for free?


Re: software users

I guess I would want to know who is paying for it.

Nothing is free.

Don't shoot me for asking, but I think it's relevant.

Re: software users

Industry advertisers are paying for it. When you log in, you will notice some areas of the program that are sponsored by certain companies. From what I can tell, our suppliers are picking up the tab

When I asked edirect, they said it is very similar to Hotmail, Google, etc. in how they can offer it for free and make money.

Re: software users

Will it remain free though? That is the real question

Re: software users

I believe it is here to stay at FREE. Why would they do a turn around down the road and charge for it and not expect to lose us as customers. I read that this is called the Economy 2.0 or something like that.

Anyway, I think what they are doing for the industry is great plus they have been around for a long time.


PS - I got my first Metryx assignment overnight!!!!!

Re: software users

I got a brochure for eDirectGlass yesterday, it is free except for these charges
quickbooks $29.95/month
powersync/lynx assignments $1.75 per assignment
mobile addition $9.95/month per user
mobile merchant $29.95/month plus transaction fees
eDirectGlass tech support $195/year or $35/incident
eDirectGlass traning program $30/session

I think there is probably a charge for NAGS pricing also, but I couldn't find it. Most do charge for NAGS because the software company has to pay NAGS for the rights to use their info.

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