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Farmer's Short Pay Request

Hi all.

I could use some help with some research. I'm tired of getting taken advantage of by the Insurance Companies and am working on something pretty big, but could use some general info. I have been short paid by Farmers continuously for years now. We agree to their pricing, they fax us confirmation, we do the work and bill the agreed upon amount. They then short pay it. Probably around $6,000 in the last year or so of short payments.

If this has happened to you, could you please just say it has in a reply, list an approximate amount your out in the last year and tell what State you are in. I'm interested to see how widespread this is. Does this happen everywhere, or just certain States? Or just certain shops?

I do not need any other info and this is not a call to do anything to anyone or company as a group. Just doing some research.


Re: Farmer's Short Pay Request

When we do a job the customer is ultimatly responsible for the bill, therefore if we are short payed the customer is then billed for the balance after a few ticked off insured they usually quit the short paying, but you must have thier signature on the bill and it needs to be stated on the bill that they are the responsible party and they authorized the work

Re: Farmer's Short Pay Request

JAC we have seen it numerous times from SGC. We have gotten most of them cleared up by going to the ins co and raising holy heck. Just last week SGC called with a customer wanting our shop, after telling them NO, we DO NOT DISCOUNT from nags REBALANCED, pricing they agreed to 0 off. then they fax you a work order that states a discount, then we make calls to the ins co. we are now waiting for some supplemental payments from sgc or the ins co will pay. I am in Minnesota! good luck with your research let us know how it goes!

Re: Farmer's Short Pay Request

XXX, we too are in MN and we never agree to pricing from SGC. We take our short pays and file arbitration claims and are very successful. Several months ago, I contacted every claims manager for insurance companies that SGC handles and requested pricing in MN. Even though I do not agree to the pricing the insurance companies sent me, I found that Safelite paid below what the insurers had told me was their rates in MN. As a result Safelite paid me in excess of $75K in supplementals for paying below the dictated rates by the insurers. I have now filed complaints with the MN DOC who is investigating. Andy Kipker at Safelite informed me this was an error, I say "bs, they did it on purpose." I would assume that this holds true for most other glass companies that have not looked into this.

Re: Farmer's Short Pay Request

JAC, yes. I'd have to go back and pull the amounts, but Farmers is just about gone here. They've really shot themselves in the foot with customers. THey have recently hired a VERY respectable lady as the new local agent, we'll see if she can pull their bacon out of the fire.

Each short pay below insurers stated rates was communicated to the consumer with documentation, faxes and phone tapes. Each consumer was stunned, and pretty ticked off. THe agent catches the heat most times, poor guys.

And it also isn't just Farmers. Many times with many insurers, and not just Safelite. The vast majority of them we have fought with the customer to get them paid.

MOst of the time, the insurer loses the customer.

I have to say, $75K to one shop is astounding. Can you imagine the total over the nation? I can't believe that anyone would consider $75K to be a 'mistake'. It graphically defines incompetence.

Sorry for the extras but hope it was helpful.

Re: Farmer's Short Pay Request

I'm in Wyoming, we have never had a short pay from any insurance company yet. But we also don't have any Safelite stores around either. We have one Safelite Mobile Pro? In Cheyenne I wonder if thats the difference because they don't want to anger us if they don't have a backup shop.

Re: Farmer's Short Pay Request

I honestly have never been short paid by any network in over five years of electronic or paper billing. I find it interesting that many of us seem to experience that, and I do not doubt it for a second, but I find it hard to understand why there are so many short pays when everything is documented. It just makes me feel there may be human error involved. And I do believe if you are cheated out of what you are owed, you should pursue any avenue possible to collect.

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